Your airsoft loadout refers to the clothing and tactical gear you wear during an airsoft game. There are several different approaches to take when building the perfect loadout, depending on your playing style and role, your budget and where you want to draw inspiration from.

If you’re new to the game or are looking for the missing puzzle piece to complete your airsoft gear, these airsoft loadout ideas are sure to point you in the right direction.

What Gear Do You Need for Airsoft?

There are some absolute essentials when it comes to playing airsoft, but there’s lots of wiggle room within the aesthetics and function of these must-haves. Essential airsoft basics include:

  • Eye & face protection
  • Good quality footwear with ankle support
  • Comfortable clothing that covers exposed skin
  • Additional protection where appropriate – helmets, body armour, gloves, knee pads etc

Beyond the essentials, there are several choices to make when it comes to creating the best airsoft loadout. What is ‘best’ will largely boil down to personal preference, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your loadout.

Airsoft loadout ideas, basics and essentials

Consider Your Loadout Style

Loadouts can vary massively, taking their cues from real-life military gear or outfits inspired by movies and games – most players tend to lean towards modern military loadouts for the added realism it provides.

The style of game you play (CQB or woodland etc.) will also influence the kind of loadout your build.

Be Smart with Your Budget

On the surface, airsoft can seem like an expensive sport to get into. However, this is not necessarily the case, especially when you know where to spend your money. There are some things you’ll want to splash out on, but other areas where the budget option will do.

If you’re not too worried about achieving the exact right look, opting for basic clothing is a good place to save some pennies – there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a hoodie, and you can get camo clothing pretty inexpensively.

Specialist protective gear and accessories are worth investing in, especially if you plan on playing airsoft long-term.

A group of airsoft players in the woods

Invest in Eye Protection

Eye protection is not only essential on an individual level (you don’t want to risk a BB to the eye), but you will also be required to wear eye protection in some form to be granted entry to most skirmish sites.

Airsoft eyewear comes in several kinds, with glasses, goggles and full-mask protection. See our guide on airsoft eye protection to help determine which type would work best for you.

When considering budget, eye protection is not one of the places you want to scrimp; eyes cannot be replaced after all.

The best airsoft goggles

Airsoft Helmets & Headgear

Helmets serve the dual purpose of protecting your head from BBs while also offering the classic aesthetics of general tactical gear that many will be seeking from an epic loadout.

Headgear is a noticeable element of many modern tactical forces’ gear, so it is essential if you’re looking to emulate a particular force.

Airsoft helmets also have special attachments for cameras, so you can capture all the action completely unobstructed and from a first-person point of view.

The Right Airsoft Clothing

Airsoft games can last for hours, so you’ll want to be comfortable and free to move. Lightweight clothing that allows for easy movement is your best bet, especially when considering underlayers.

You should also consider the weather and climate if your game is being held outside – sufficient waterproofs will ensure you have a far more enjoyable game.

We stock plenty of camouflage clothing and airsoft outfit ideas to inspire your loadout. You may also want to incorporate other wearable accessories like balaclavas or recon belts for an experience that best suits you.

Your footwear should be comfortable and reliable as you’ll be doing a lot of running and probably traipsing through woodland. Trainers might seem like a good choice, but your ankles will thank you for choosing a military-style combat boot with plenty of support.

Someone wearing walking boots in a forest

Airsoft Gloves

Airsoft gloves are not an absolute essential but could be the finishing touch to your loadout, and it doesn’t hurt to protect your hands and fingers from rogue BBs.

Camo gloves will also increase your overall camouflage level as they won't stand out as much as bare skin. They are also particularly helpful additions to your loadout in the colder seasons.

Airsoft Vests

Again, not always required but very practical – you’ll be thankful for having the right tactical vest when the time comes for its use. Choosing a decent vest offers additional protection and reduces pain from impact while also being incredibly practical thanks to the pockets and compartments concealed in the jacket.

The multiple pockets on these vests can be incredibly helpful for carrying extra magazines, grenades and the occasional snack ready for when you need to recharge from taking out enemies.

Choosing the same colour and style as the rest of your uniform or airsoft outfit may be preferred, but it is up to personal tastes – there are certainly plenty of options available either way.

Communication Equipment

Easy teamwide communication can be the difference between a victory and a loss on the battlefield. Consult with your team to see what kind of radio system you’ll all be using.

Comms equipment can come in several forms, whether you’d prefer a hand-held radio or headset – you will probably only need a very basic set to begin with.

A pile of airsoft gear with a rifle


Airsoft gun holsters, slings, carry rigs and mag pouches make navigating the field with multiple guns a much easier and more convenient task.

Holsters can be an aesthetic feature in their own right too, offering interesting ways to display your sidearms on your person – think Bond-style shoulder holsters!

Choosing Your Primary Airsoft Weapon

Some of the accessories you get will depend on your primary weapon and role within your airsoft team. When it comes to choosing your main gun, for newbies, we tend to recommend a standard electric rifle like an M4 airsoft rifle. You can get some good budget options with all the features you’ll need to get started.

If you are a very new newbie, consider using a hire gun the first couple of times you head to a skirmish (and before you commit to your perfect airsoft loadout), as this can start you off in the right direction and allow you to get a feel of what you do and don't like.

Your primary weapon of choice will also be based on your role within the team. For example, someone in an auxiliary role will want some kind of assault rifle that is automatic and has accurate, rapid fire.

Whereas snipers will need something with sharp precision and support gunners will want something that can hold a lot of ammo.

Modifying Your Airsoft Gun

You can always start small and modify your gun or upgrade it as you progress. There are plenty of ways to reinvent your gun with a different gearbox or by installing a MOSFET.

Choosing Your Airsoft Pistol or Sidearm

A sidearm is not always necessary, but it can help you out in a tight situation when there’s no time to reload! It's also worth noting that in some scenarios, sites prohibit close-up shooting of rifles, requiring any engagement under a certain distance (often 10 to 20 feet) to be done with a lower-powered gun.

Opt for a semi-automatic airsoft pistol if you’re a beginner; one of these will surely bail you out when needed.

Two airsoft players in the woods

Tactical Equipment, Accessories & Finishing Touches

Once you’ve got all the basics down, you can choose your additional tactical equipment and accessories. This might include additions to your guns or further gear that’ll make your life that bit easier.

Think scopes, red dot sights, flashlights, night vision goggles and bags. The finishing touches might also include patches or emblems that relate to your team and anything else that highlights your individuality.

Ultimately, you can do as much or as little as you want when it comes to personalisation. Loadouts vary from a rifle with a couple of mags stashed in your pockets right up to a full British Army rig with L85, authentic Osprey plate carrier and Kevlar helmet.

Remember, airsoft is about having fun and being a part of a great community. It’s not all about getting new gear every other week – although that can certainly be part of the fun for some!

In the end, there are no set rules; so long as you’ve got the basics (eye protection, footwear, outdoor clothing and a decent rifle), you’re good to go, and you can add what you need and want as you get more involved in the sport.

Here at Surplus Store, we stock everything you could need for the perfect loadout – browse our range now to start building yours!