Solving common misconceptions about Airsoft BB guns for sale Surplus Store Crawley

Airsoft is a fantastic sport, offering a great way to keep fit, as well as offering a great social side, where you will meet people you may not have had the chance to encounter before. There are however, some common misconceptions about Airsoft, so we’ve taken a look at a few to see if we can help clear up any confusion.

Airsoft guns can be modified to fire live ammo

The great thing about Airsoft guns is the range of accessories that you can use to make your gun individual to yourself and to suit your style of play, such as extended magazines or silencers. A common misconception is that an airsoft can be modified to use live ammunition. This is completely false, and Airsoft rifles will only ever fire plastic ammunition!

Airsoft guns are cheap plastic toys 

Here at Surplus Store, we pride ourselves on the fact that we sell only the highest quality merchandise, which of course comes with outstanding build quality. Our guns either feature metal bodies, or a very high strength plastic that is able to withstand the rough and tumble that comes with taking part in Airsoft. This sort of quality is far from the plastic toy guns found in your local pound shop!

Airsoft is only a game for children

Airsoft can be a sport for people of a wide range of ages. Children can take part in it as long as they are properly instructed with the safety and rules that come with the sport. A person of any age can experience the physical benefits of playing the sport, and creating new social connections can be beneficial to everyone. Also, if your 9-5 is stressing you out, Airsoft offers a great way of letting off steam!

Airsoft encourages cheating

Airsoft often relies on the honesty of the individual to make the game enjoyable for everyone. Calling your shots is a key part, and if you do not call when you have been hit, it may result in a dampener being put on the whole game. As previously stated, Airsoft is a community, and must ask of all its members to adhere to the rules and remain honest throughout. This will lead to a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Airsoft causes problems with the police

As with a lot of aspects in life, the actions of a select few people gives a bad reputation for something that is meant to be fun and enjoyable. RIF’s only cause a problem with the police if you mistreat and misuse them. Taking part in Airsoft skirmishes in a controlled environment where you have permission to play will not cause any issues. Airsoft is a community as well as a sport, so supporting each other by acting responsibly is a way to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the sport.

Essentially, Airsoft is a great sport for people of all ages to take part in, as long as everyone acts responsibly and fairly. For all your Airsoft needs, take a look at our online store, where we have a range of Airsoft rifles and BB Guns for sale, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding the sport of Airsoft.