There’s no getting away from the sport of airsoft these days. This much-loved and regularly played hobby give people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to come and have a good ol’ skirmish with their airsoft guns in some of the coolest scenarios imaginable. Up and down the country, you can find incredible airsoft sites, so if you are just kicking things off in the wonderful world of airsoft, or you just fancy seeing how you get on at a new venue, we've got you covered.

An airsoft rifle laying on the ground

Heading off to new airsoft sites needn’t be a daunting experience, but one to really get your teeth into once you’re out there and the game is in full flow; you’re a team after all!

We get a little list together of some of the available airsoft centres in and around the Bristol area for you to take a look at. Make no mistake; there are some awesome options on offer for you down this way so be sure to have a read and see where you’ll be having your next away-day skirmish!

Bristol Airsoft UK

Kicking things off with a super-cool setting is Bristol Airsoft UK, which is based in Bristol’s Old Crown Courts. They have optimised their unique surroundings to bring a fully immersive atmosphere, complete with real hostile situations to airsofters.

You can be fresh on the airsoft scene or a seasoned shooter to get the most out of this place and one thing’s for sure is that you’ll get the most from your visit!

There are experienced Marshals and staff on hand to ensure the experience is as adrenaline-fuelled and action-packed as any airsoft experience can possibly be too.

Some of the main features here include:

More than 20,000 square feet of live playing area

Multilevel play using balcony’s, stairwells and mezzanine levels

Dedicated breakout and rest areas

Some 9,000 square feet of underground Victorian prison cells!

Weapons & airsoft kit hire (if needed)

Stag party, group and corporate bookings available

Drinks and snacks on offer to keep you fuelled-up

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Bristol Black Ops Airsoft UK

Visit Bristol Black Ops Airsoft UK (also known as BOC), and you can look forward to a skirmish in one of two venues; a woodland setting located at Portishead, overlooking the Severn Estuary, or the urban venue located at Cribbs Causeway. Their multiple game zones are built to incorporate a series of challenging scenarios and objectives specifically. Your skills in the offence as well as hustling hard to defend will be called upon, so come prepared!

BOC’s all-inclusive, outdoor activity centre at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol has airsoft rental packages, so if you are new on the scene or you don’t fancy travelling with your own kit, you can use theirs. The doors are open for all players of any ability aged 12 and upwards. Rental packages incorporate everything an airsofter could need to successfully take part in a skirmish, including a weapon and provisional ammo.

Airsoft walk-on events are also regularly on offer held on Sundays and typically switch between the two venues. If you enjoy or want to sample the gameplay-style format, walk-on events are the ones for you! This is also a great way for those who want to get a regular skirmish under their belt too.

Why not book your next airsoft day out here?

Spartan Airsoft

Last but not least on our list of Bristol-based airsoft venues is Spartan Airsoft. Spartan is renowned for being a well-established bio-only airsoft site based in the Bristol area. This means that they use only bio-degradable ammo, for those who were wondering; so, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment while taking out the opposition when you do battle at Spartan Airsoft.

Throwing up more than 40 acres of continually changing woodland skirmish space, no two games are the same because not only does Spartan have a bit of everything for all styles of player, the natural surroundings lay down fresh sniper points and natural hiding places to attack from.

So, from dense woodland with tracks running through for the perfect sneak attack to a purpose-built village that provides players with the ideal location for establishing a formidable, unbeatable defence plus so much more, check out and book at Spartan Airsoft!