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One of the most commonly talked about topics within airsoft is whether a MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is necessary. For newer players, we recommended getting to grips with our airsoft guns before wondering into the world of MOSFET.

For the more experienced players, you could be missing a fundamental component to your current setup. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the role of MOSFETs within airsoft, their benefits and if they’re worth the purchase.

What is a MOSFET in Airsoft?

To understand this device, we need to take a look at how a gun performs without a MOSFET. Inside your favourite AEG is a fairly simple circuit, comprised of a battery, a motor and a trigger.

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Airsoft Gun Without a MOSFET

When the trigger is unpressed, the circuit remains broken, with no current flowing through it. However, when the trigger is pressed in, the trigger switch closes the circuit, allowing electricity to flow and the motor to activate, which fires the gun.

The circuit is completed, an electrical current travels from the connectors on the trigger to those inside the gun. This current creates the potential for an electrical arc.

An arc is created when two conductive metals come close into contact, and the circuit is completed through a normally non-conductive medium, such as the air.

This electrical arc creates a carbon discharge, which can form multiple layers covering the conductive plates of the trigger and the gun. These will eventually wear over time and cause the weapon to stop working, requiring either cleaning or complete replacement to work again. The arc can also burn through your trigger contacts rendering the gun unusable, but this is usually used with higher power batteries.

Airsoft Gun With a MOSFET

The MOSFET introduces an element of control within the rifle by minimising the potential damage caused between two conductive plates. The flow of electricity is controlled and minimised with the implementation of a MOSFET.

Specifically, a smaller current is sent between the two conductive plates and controlled by the MOSFET. This device picks up the low current and sends all electricity to the motor without passing through the trigger switch assembly.

Benefits of a MOSFET

This devices primary goal is to provide protection for the trigger switch. This protection provides additional benefits that allow for an airsoft weapon to perform at maximum power.

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Reduction of Electrical Arcs

Using a MOSFET reduces the creation of electrical arcs, and carbon build-up on the trigger points, which also means that you won’t have to disassemble your gun as regularly to clean or replace the trigger assembly.

Faster Rate of Fire

When the MOSFET is activated, the ‘Hall Effect’ slightly increases its rate of fire. For some, this benefit is hardly noticeable, and for others, this effect will drastically change the feel of their rifle.

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The Price of MOSFETs

Basic versions of MOSFETs can be reasonably low-price and easy to find on airsoft stores! We’d suggest looking at the range of products by Gate, a Polish company that create high-quality goods, ranging from the essential requirement up to highly customisable pieces of kit.

Trigger Computer Switch

If you’re looking to grab a new MOSFET, we’d suggest considering whether you could benefit from any of the additional features offered by more advanced products. This step should lead you nicely to a trigger computer rather then a simple MOSFET switch.

Battery Protection

A fantastic attribute provided by this device is the additional battery protection. The MOSFET can track the remaining charge in your battery, alert you, and shut down the whole system. This ability is highly beneficial due to the importance of never letting your battery run out of charge.

Additional Customizability

Once installed into your rifle, you can plug the MOSFET into your computer (software installation required) and customise a whole host of different aspects of your gun. Additionally, if you’re looking to get one of the premium Gate products, such as their Titan AEG V3 kit, then you can expect far superior customizability and functionality.

These replace your AEG’s trigger unit entirely, so they are a great choice if you already have damaged trigger contacts! But be aware as they do replace the whole unit, they are only compatible with some reasonably specific AEG models, V2, V3, and M4/Scar based NGRS systems.

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Airsoft Gun Performance

Firstly, you can select your trigger sensitivity, determining how much pressure is required on the trigger before a shot is fired. This change is not designed to be made in-game and can only be done using the computer, or mobile phone app plugged in via a USB adapter.

Also, there is the ability to configure the fire selector, giving you the option to choose between six different settings to suit your playstyle. There is also cycle detection and pre-cocking, making for a more fluid shooting experience and eliminating any delay from using an AEG.

Additionally, the V3 allows for customising the burst fire mode of the gun, allowing you to select how many rounds are fired in a burst. This is useful for managing ammunition in more realistic settings such as mil-sim games.

Finally, there are a couple of ROF settings allowing you to customise the ROF of your gun, reducing it if you so wish to enjoy a more realistic shooting experience.

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Considerations For the MOSFET

When choosing which MOSFET to use, there are some considerations you need to think about before making your decision. Firstly, consider what features you need and what you would like from your gun. If you want full customisation and change a lot of settings, the more expensive MOSFETs will likely be a good choice for you.

However, if you’re looking to protect your trigger switch and your battery, you could opt for a more basic setup such as the Gate Pico SSR3 or, if you already have damaged contacts, the Titan V2 Basic MOSFET. This option still provides a range of functionality but is much more affordable than the V3 or the V2 Advanced.

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Another consideration is the installation process and how you plan to go about getting the MOSFET setup. Although the Titans come complete front or rear wired out of the box and should drop in other systems, they can involve re-wiring the whole AEG, which we can help with!

We’d always suggest using a professional, such as ourselves here at Surplus Store, to install the MOSFET, and you know that you will be able to use your rifle without worrying about any breakdowns.

If you have any further questions on the use of MOSFETs in airsoft, or questions about airsoft kit in general, get in touch with us on Facebook or on the phone!