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Monday To Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

Our Store Will Be Re-Opening On Tuesday the 16th Of June.

We still have a lot of work to do to get our little store ready for a safe re-opening so we have set our sights on opening the doors on Tuesday 16th at 10am, we will be open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

If you have any symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of sense of taste or smell), have tested positive in the last 7 days or are shielding please do not come to the store, call us and we will arrange for delivery via the website. If you display any symptoms whilst instore you and your party will be asked to leave.

We will be strictly limiting the amount of people in the store to 3 parties, 2 walk in buyers and 1 collection (pre-arranged only) also limiting the amount of time spent instore at busy times. If you would like to reduce your chances of having to wait at these busy times please place your order through our website, then let us know when you will be collecting and we will have it ready for you. If you need advice before your purchase please email us on sales@surplusstore.co.uk and we will do our best to help you in advance. We also ask that you shop with as few people as possible, you don’t need 3 generations of your family in to buy a rifle, coming in with any more people than is absolutely necessary to make your purchase severely hampers our efforts to ensure yours and our safety.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands and wear a mask in store, if you do not have a mask limited stocks are available. If you are wearing gloves and you do not wish to remove them you will be asked to sanitise your gloves. All Hand Sanitisers used at Crawley Surplus Store are 60% Alcohol gel sanitisers as recommended in the guidance.

You will be asked to observe social distancing at all times whilst queuing and inside our store, anyone that refuses when reminded will be asked to leave, we have set a limited one way system and marked 2 metre intervals through our new customer space. Please refrain from touching anything you do not want to buy.

We have restricted access to almost all of our displays and we do ask that if you are not looking to seriously purchase something you do not ask to handle it. Everything that gets handled by a customer will be put into a 3 day quarantine in accordance with Government guidance. We also ask that you bear with us if something you want to buy is in the quarantine store, this is for everyone’s protection. If you contact us in advance we will put a reserve on anything you want to buy, we can also check that it’s not already in quarantine.

We are taking in repairs and upgrades subject to a 3 day quarantine before they are eligible to be looked at. Normal repair queues are not affected, but we cannot take in anything to be done the same day.

Yes, we will accept cash, but please where at all possible pay by card or place your order on the website in advance anything at all possible to reduce contact would be greatly appreciated.

Our Car Park will be used for queuing at busy times so parking will be severely restricted, coming in on foot or getting a member of your own household to drop you off & pick you up would be very much recommended.

For your (and our) safety we will be cleaning the shop on a regular basis through out the day, which will mean we will not be closing for a midday cleaning break. High touch & traffic areas will be cleaned throughout the day and specific areas will be cleaned between each use (card terminals, service counters etc).

Our staff will also be maintaining social distancing at all times as well as washing and/or sanitising their hands at least once an hour as well as in between any contact with any items that have been outside the store or have come from high touch areas… Please do not be offended if you are asked to stand in specific places or move so that our staff can serve you and go about their jobs safely.

Please note, these rules are in place not just for our safety, but for yours if we allow these rules to slide we not only put our health in danger, we also put every single person that comes through our door at risk and we will not allow that to happen.




As of 20.30 today (23/03/20) we have been ordered to shut our doors, this will hopefully slow the rate of infection enough to allow our country to be ready and minimise the death toll.

Do not journey to the shop, we will not open the door, no matter what, no sales, no returns, no repairs, no rifle or bottle filling and no collections.

In accordance with the Government guidance we will be keeping our online store running with a skeleton staff operating under heavy hygiene restrictions to ensure our staff safety, but due to the legal restrictions involved we cannot dispatch any Air Weapons as we will not put our staff's safety in danger delivering them and there are no Registered Firearms Dealers open to arrange local collection. These have all been marked out of stock online.

Please understand we are doing our utmost to get your orders out to you under very heavy restrictions, also our couriers are suspending certain delivery time promises.If your order takes longer than it usually would please bear with us.

If at all possible please email ( sales@surplusstore.co.uk ) rather than phone, you will get an answer a little later via email, but our phones are going constantly and we have very few people in the shop to answer them, so we may miss your call.

All of our restricted weapons are being moved to a secure location.

To every one of our customers, good luck, keep yourselves healthy & safe and we'll see you on the otherside.







Please consider your purchases, we don't sell anything that can be used for self or home defence and asking for such will get you refused service. Also consider what you are buying "society didn't end" will not be considered a reason for refund when in 3 months you realise you won't be using those items you just bought...

We wish you all good luck and good health in dealing with this going forward. Our store policy has always been with teamwork at it’s heart, now the whole planet is a Team, pull together, help each other and we will get through this as best we can!