Blank firing guns can suit a range of purposes, whether you’re looking to use blank firing pistols for fun, for starting sports competitions or as a simple bird scarer. We stock a range of blank firing gun accessories and products, from guns and grenades to blank ammunition cartridges, so you can find exactly what you need, no matter the situation.

Blank Firing Pistols

Our range of blank firing pistols includes replica guns that are made to emulate the look of some well-known models.

Made with a metal body and plastic grips, many of our blank firers provide a realistic feel with blowback action, giving a satisfying shooting experience.

Popular brands in this range include:

  • Retay
  • Bruni
  • Ekol

With an array of products from these top brands in stock, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product at a great price.

Blank Grenade for Airsoft

Among our blank firing products, you will also find a selection of blank grenades, perfect for completing your airsoft loadout and contributing to the unbeatable ambience of an airsoft game.

Our durable blank firing and BB grenades can be used time and time again without being compromised.

Buying Blank Firing Guns in the UK

There are some regulations around the delivery of blank guns in the UK, which you must be aware of before purchase. You can see these requirements in each production description.

Also note that you must be 18 or over to buy a blank gun, and we do not carry blank firers in realistic colouring.

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8mm Bruni 1911 Style Blank Firing Pistol Replica
Avatar Grenade Standard MK1 Impact Grenade
Bruni 8mm Beretta M92 Style Blank Firing Pistol Replica Orange BF91
ROHM 6mm/.22 Blank Firing Starting Pistol Orange
Ekol Aras Spare Magazine
Ekol Aras Compact Blank Firing Pistol
<p>Ekol Blank firing pistol with blowback action and top venting and two tones in line with Uk Law. </p>
Bruni 92 8 mm Blank Firing Pistol - Blue