Hunting Knives

If you want to elevate your hunting skills on your next wilderness adventure, our collection of premium hunting knives will provide the perfect solution.

A hunting knife is an iconic staple and useful addition to any assortment of knives and blades. This knife is exceptionally sharp with a serrated edge, allowing you to cut your hunt successfully.

At Surplus, we have a diverse collection of the best hunting knives in the UK suited to many levels of hunters. We offer Bowie and buck knives from big brands such as Muela, Gerber and Martinez and Albainox. You will be sure to find a hunting knife suited to you. Order online now for the biggest brands at the best prices!

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Muela 5161-M Sheath Knife
Muela Gaucho 16A Sheath Knife
Muela Tornado-18n Sheath Knife
Muela Rhino-10g Sheath Knife
Casstrom No.10 Swedish Blue Birch Forest Sheath Knife
3527 Karesuando Sheath Knife Making Kit With Leather Sheath
EKA SwingBlade Black Handle Lock Knife
Helle Alden Sheath Knife No.76
Helle Harding Sheath Knife No.99
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