Training Knives & Nunchucks

Elevate your knife drills and self-defence practice with our extensive range of cold steel training knives and nunchucks at Surplus Store.

A training knife is a replica of real knives and blades composed of non-harmful materials such as rubber, wood and carbon fibre, allowing you to practise self-defence safely.

If you are looking for a butterfly training knife, we offer a great range. From big brands such as MP, K25 and Rui, you will be sure to find training knives and nunchucks suited to you! Order online now for the biggest brands at the best prices!

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Rubber Training Knife
Rubber Dragon Nunchucks BW010692
Big Foot Rubber Axe V1
Big Foot Rubber Axe V2
Big Foot Rubber Machete
From £22.50
K25 Training Knife 32191
Cold Steel Chaos Training Knife 92R80NTP
Cold Steel Training Dagger 92BKD
Cold Steel Training Wakizashi Bokken 92BKKB
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