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Our Returns Policy

Our warranty periods are as follows...
1 year :- All high power air rifles & pistols
90 days :- All high end metal gearboxed BB AEGs & sniper rifles
60 days :- All low power single shot BB guns.
30 days :- All low power plastic gearboxed BB guns.

If your order has gone outside of your warranty period please call us, we will always try and get something sorted for you.

If for any reason you need to send something back to us please contact us first to discuss the problem, if you need to send it back to us please make sure you include a copy of your packing slip/invoice and a short description of the reason for the return. All returns are tested and if any are found to not be faulty or if the fault is caused by misuse or any reason in the exclusions list below your item will be returned to you and you are liable for the postage charges.

When you do send something back to us please make sure it is well packed and all surfaces are covered. We cannot be responsible for damage incurred in transit of it's way back to us.

If for any reason you do not want your order we offer a 7 day cooling off period within which you can send any item sent directly to you back to us, this does not apply to personalised or customised items or special orders, or any orders that have to be completed via a face to face transaction. Please be careful opening your items this is subject to the items being returned in their original condition with all supplied accessories and in the original undamaged packaging.

If your item is found to be faulty within the first calender month from the date of delivery please contact us for refund, replacement or repair. Please make sure you keep all packaging (in good condition) as we may not be able to refund without these. If your item is damaged due to misuse or neglect this is not covered. Please note all returns are subject to examination either in store or with our supplier's experts depending on the item.

If you need to return an air rifle or pistol to us you can send them direct, the face to face transaction only needs to be in the original sale.

The cost of any "Within 100 miles delivery to your door" service will not be refunded once you have made the "face to face" transaction as you have already received the service.

Do not attempt to repair your items yourself, you will invalidate your warranty! All returns are thoroughly checked and tested and if any are found to have been worked on a refund will not be offered and we will quote you for the cost of repairing the item or if a repair is not wanted, the item will be returned to you and you will be liable for the postage costs

If you have an Imitation Firearm (Two Tone or clear plastic) do not attempt to turn it into a Realistic Imitation Firearm, it is illegal and without a defence is punishable with up to a year in prison or a fine up to level 5 on the standard scale (at time of writting £5000) or both! With or without your defence it will void the warranty.

Our warranty does not include the following...
Shipping costs of returning the items back to us,
Any problems caused by accidental/negligent damage.
Routine maintenance.
Certain high wear components, I.e. Hop rubber, o-rings,pistons, gas magazines etc
Any problems arising from misuse.
Any problems arising from any repairs/upgrades not carried out by Surplusstore.co.uk
Any problems arising from the use of sub-standard ammo (please ask for details of the appropriate ammunition)
You will invalidate your warranty if:
Your item has been altered or adjusted in any way (unless carried out by our engineers)
You use Co2 capsule not designed for air weapons.
A problem has arisen from the use of sub-standard BBs (please ask for details of the appropriate Bbs)
Any lubricant not recommended by us has been used with airsoft weapons, never ever use WD40!
You charge your battery for more than the recommended time, this may also cause a fire hazard!
You use any gas other than 134a/144a or Abbey Predator Ultra in your Marui GBB.
English law governs these conditions of use and any dispute connected with this site is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Any refunds granted outside the first 7 days will be minus the delivery costs and minus a 15% restocking fee.