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Repairs, Upgrades & Servicing

Got a problem with your airsoft equipment? Is your AEG not shooting as far as you would like? Is your air rifle leaking or not firing as it should?

We can help!

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As featured in Airsoft Action we have a well regarded Airsoft Repairs department, we are also an authorized Air Arms service centre, we can work on the Kasu xs78s & 850 Airmagnums in store and we have a local gunsmith for any other air rifle repairs you can think of!

We have an extensive spares department, (so extensive our photographer just looks at me with despair everytime I mention getting them on the website!) including Speed airsoft, Guarder, SHS, ICS, Madbull, Airsoft Pro, Nuprol, Maple Leaf. We even have a wide range of WE spares including rifle & pistol nozzles, hop chambers, hammer & trigger units. If it's WE and we haven't got it we can usually order it in.

Down to the numbers, we don't have a set price list for the work we do, it all comes down to how long it takes to get your gear doing what you want it too, if you want a ball park figure give us a call on 01293 525880 or email on sales@surplusstore.co.uk , we can have a chat and talk through your requirements, but it also depends on what we find when we open up your rifle or pistol.

We charge labour at £20 per hour for Airsoft, and £30 per hour for Air Rifles charged at 15 minute increments (we only work 15 minutes, you only get charged for 15 minutes!) and unless you come down in person we do have to charge postage back to you, which for a rifle can be a maximum of £12 for all but the biggest of rifles.

Diagnosis, We charge a flat rate for diagnosis £5 which also covers the first 15 minutes of work on your item, once we receive your item it will be booked into our queueing system, once it has been diagnosed we will contact you for your approval, please get back to us as soon as you can as this stage is the biggest cause to delays in completing your repair/upgrade. Please bear in mind that this will be a provisional quote as it is not uncommon to discover another fault once the original has been fixed, we will always try and give you the option  to go ahead or not as soon as we discover this. Please make sure you are aware that if you don't not wish to go ahead with the repair after the quote you are liable for the costs of retrieving the gun and any fees up to this point.

Timing, we try and get all repairs turned around in 2 weeks or less, much less in most cases! But there are always times when parts are rare or when staff are away that things get a little delayed, we ask you to please bear with us during those (rare) times, if you have a game day or shoot you need something for please let us know and we will always do our best to get your gun back to you intime for when you need it.

Fast Track service, We pride our selves that we have managed to get our waiting lists down and keep them down, but if you really need your gear turned around asap, straight in and straight out again we do have a fast track service, but it does incur a 15% fee on top of your order total. Please state this clearly if you wish to use this service.

Warranty, All our repairs carry a 3 month warranty from the date it is booked out of our system, this covers any fault that we have worked on or could have been caused by bad workmanship on our part, the items have to be inspected by one of our techs untouched by anyone else, so if you open it or your local site tech does you do void that warranty. Don't worry if you lose your receipt all repairs that are booked in to our system are kept on file, so just give us a call with your name, the make and model of the gun and we'll find the details. Wear and tear from upgrades on other parts of the system are not covered, but if we think something like that is likely to happen we will always try and tell you at the time of the original work.

Storage, We will store your guns carefully for when you are ready to collect them, but please note we will only keep them 3 months if you don't contact us, don't worry too much if you can't afford to collect them, just give us a shout, we're not gonna chuck you're beloved gun in the bin, just let us know you haven't forgotten them!


Just give us a buzz on 01293 525880, email us on sales@surplusstore.co.uk or drop by the store at
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Within 5 minutes easy walk of Three Bridges Train Station.