.177 Air Pistols

Get the most out of your shooting pursuits with our dynamic selection of .177 calibre air pistols. Designed to suit shooters of different skill levels, our pistol range embraces the sheer variety of products available on the contemporary air gun market.

Whether it’s for recreational shooting or pest control, there’s a lot to discover when it comes to power, precision, iconic design and fantastically affordable prices. Explore our .177 air pistols below and find the best weapon to complete your arsenal.

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Gletcher M1891 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
KWC M45 A1 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
SMK Victory CP1-M Multi-Shot .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
Gamo Compact .177 Pellet Lever Action Air Pistol
ASG Dan Wesson 6" Nickel .177 BB Co2 Revolver
Special Price £126.00 Save £14.00
Weihrauch HW45 Silver Star .177 Pellet Lever Action Air Pistol
ASG Dan Wesson 715 Silver 2.5" .177 BB Co2 Revolver
ASG Dan Wesson 715 Steel Grey 4" .177 BB Co2 Revolver
Special Price £180.00 Save £10.00
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Buying .177 Air Pistols in the UK

Whatever your preferred shooting style, we’ve got you covered with a great selection of air pistol platforms. Choose from PCP, break barrel, Co2, lever action and more to invest in a pistol that not only looks amazing but also suits your needs and preferences. There’s also plenty to consider regarding whether you want a modern design or a historical replica, with numerous options for both.

Note that while you do not need a firearms licence to buy any of our .177 air pistols, you do need to be 18 or over and provide two forms of ID upon purchase.

.177 Air Pistols from the Best Brands

Our pistol selection offers a great chance to own a top-quality .177 air pistol, produced with expertise by industry leaders. We stock all your favourite brands and some of the most renowned names around, including classics from Weihrauch, Umarex and Artemis.

Popular .177 Air Pistols

When delving into the world of .177 air pistols, there are a few stand-out choices that may capture your attention. As you explore our product selection, filter by bestsellers to see which popular options our customers are enjoying the most. For instance, the Artemis PP800 promises a fantastic, intuitive shooting experience. The Weihrauch HW45 is another classic, claiming a spot among some of the all-time great air pistols.

If you decide a .177 isn’t right for your needs, check out our range of .22 air pistols, also equipped with some unbeatable designs.

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