Throwing Knives

Here at Surplus Store, we carry a great selection of knives and blades alongside our other combat gear. Browse our range of specialist throwing knives, perfect for honing your skills and practising your aim, whether you're a beginner or experienced knife thrower.

The Best Throwing Knives

We offer an array of well-balanced throwing knives in various styles and colours – no matter if you're happy to stick to a simple stainless steel finish or want to show off with rainbow blades, there is a style for everyone.

Many of our throwing knives come with handy sheaths so you can store them safely and keep them in good condition. As well as knives, you’ll also find throwing axes to expand your repertoire if desired.

Additionally, we stock several other blades, including lock knives, sheath knives and even swords.

Throwing Knife Sets

For added convenience, many of our throwing knives are sold as sets, providing three, six or even twelve knives, giving you great value for money. Single throwing knife products are also available.

To complete your knife experience, check out our brilliant knife accessories, including sharpening stones and knife oil.

Buying Throwing Knives in the UK

You must be at least 18 to purchase a throwing knife, axe or blade. Age verification checks will be made before you can buy one of these products as well as when the product is delivered.

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Muela Pro-80L-14 Single Throwing Knife
Single Head Throwing Axe A-10
KA-BAR Throwing Knife Set - 3 Pack
Martinez 32277 RainBlue Throwing Knives
KombatUK Black Bladed Throwing AXE HK701-105
Smith And Wesson Bullseye Throwing Cleaver - 3 Pack
SWTK10CP Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives
SWTK8BCP Smith & Wesson Black Throwing Knives
Smith & Wesson Throwing Knife and Axe Combo Set 6pcs 1122228
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