Air Rifles

Looking to purchase your first air rifle or add another one to your growing collection? You’re in the right place! Our great range of air rifles from leading brands and recognisable names is sure to include something for you.

Affordable Air Rifles

Striking a balance between getting a high-quality piece of kit and something that doesn’t go over budget can be tricky, but with our extensive selection of air rifles, you’re sure to find a model that meets your needs.

Among our range of air weapons, you’ll find some outstanding prices, whether you’re seeking break barrel, under lever, pre-charged or CO2 air rifles. With products from top manufacturers like Crosman, Walther and much more, we’re sure to have a model and a price that suits you.

And if the next item on your wish list is a pistol, our range of air pistols offers some fantastic options that are worth exploring.

Ammunition for Air Rifles

Next step – ammo. Once you’ve found the perfect air rifle, you’ll need to stock up on ammunition to ensure your gun is always ready for action.

Shop our pellets, ammunition and gas that are suitable for various different kinds of guns.

Do You Need a Licence to Buy an Air Rifle in the UK?

When attempting to buy any kind of air weapon, it’s important to understand the relevant laws and regulations in place. Providing an air rifle is not deemed ‘specially dangerous’, you do not need to hold a firearms licence to purchase one.

This means the rifle must not fire missiles with a kinetic energy that exceeds 12ft lbs. Our rifles do not exceed this limit.

You must be 18 or over to purchase an air rifle and ammunition. There is also some legislation around air weapon delivery which you should review before making a purchase.

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Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine Walnut .177 Under Lever Air Rifle
Gamo Whisper Sting .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW97KT Black & Nickel .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Hatsan AT44-10 .22 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan Mod 60s .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Air Arms S410 Carbine Superlite Hunter Green .22 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan 900x Breaker .22 Break Barrel Air Rifle
Weihrauch HW97KT Wood Stock .177 Under Lever Air Rifle
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