Webley has a long history of producing top-quality guns, many with recognised historical significance. Having played a major role in British military campaigns for many years, they ceased production of firearms for police, military and civil use in 1979 to focus on their air guns under the name Webley rather than their former moniker of Webley & Scott.

With our great range of Webley air pistols and rifles, you’ll see they’re keeping up their esteemed reputation, offering various exciting models at some excellent prices. From classic MKVI replicas to the lauded Nemesis X rifles, Webley has a great lineup to keep all levels of air gun enthusiasts happy!
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177 BB Webley MKVI Revolver Shells Box of 24
Webley MKVI Civilian
Webley Nemesis X .177 Pellet Bolt Action Co2 Air Rifle
Webley MKVI Civilian 2.5″ Revolver Black .177
Webley MKVI Civilian 2.5″ Revolver Battlefield Finish .22 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
Delryn Airgun Silencer
Webley MKVI Service Revolver Battlefield Finish .22 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
177 Webley Accupell FT Pellets
Webley MKVI Service Revolver Battlefield Finish .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol
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Webley Air Pistols

Webley is the brand behind some of the most well-known firearms, with their Webley revolvers becoming especially iconic. In more recent years, the Webley revolver will be recognised as the weapon used by the fictional Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. In many of the earlier episodes, the character used a Webley .455 MKVI revolver.

Webley MKVI Air Pistols

Webley’s MKVI replicas remain among the brand’s best-sellers. Derived from the original blueprints, these pistols exude realism and attention to detail. We stock the Service, Police and Civilian revolver designs, so you can find what you’re looking for no matter what your arsenal requires.

Webley Air Rifles

Now also making a range of air rifles, you’ll find a selection of .22 and .177 Webley air rifles with an array of fantastic features. Explore Co2, PCP and break barrel Webley air rifles to find guns for a variety of uses, whether it’s pest control, hunting or target shooting.

Webley Nemesis X Air Rifles

The Webley Nemesis X air rifle range is one of their most frequently-sought choices. Based on the popular Nemesis pistol, you’ll see we stock a couple of options here, allowing you to invest in the best piece of kit to suit you. The Nemesis X is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, providing a comfortable and efficient shooting experience, whether you want to keep things simple or opt for the combo version with a scope and moderator.

Other intriguing air rifle options from the brand include the Webley Raider and Webley Mastiff. Enjoy advanced technology, high-quality builds and impressive performance all at an affordable price tag.

When you’ve chosen your next pistol or rifle, don’t forget to stock up on the best ammunition so you can stay on top form – we’ve got plenty of compatible pellets and magazines to keep your Webley air guns ticking over.
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