At Surplus Store, we offer an extensive collection of sword blades, from fantasy to historical replicas and collectables.

Our historic sword replicas consist of a blade and hilt, allowing you to grip and swing firmly. For fantasy fans, we stock swords from a range of TV series and films such as The Witcher, Lord of The Rings and The Walking Dead, which can be proudly displayed on a themed wall mount.

Our blade sword replicas cater to all budgets. Order online for the biggest brands at the best prices! Shop our complete knives and blades collection today!

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United Cutlery Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version
United Cutlery Honshu Historic Blackened Single Hand Sword
Cruel Young King Sword Replica - BS110535
LOTR Style Replica Of The Reforged Sword - BS011013B
Sword Set 347 - 3pc Black Straight Sword Set with Stand
Golan Samurai Sword
'Out of Water' Hand Forged Minamoto Katana. BS310137
Ascending Dragon Blue' Hand Forged Katana BS310175-Blue
Out Of Fire Hand Forged Katana Bs310135
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