Knee/Elbow Pads

While we love everything about airsoft and using air weapons, we can’t deny that it isn’t the gentlest sport going! If you’re going to participate in a day of airsoft fun, then you’ll need to wear suitable protective gear to make sure that the day remains fun after suffering a few falls and attacks.

One key bit of kit you’ll need is knee and elbow pads, which will help to keep these bony areas protected from falls or to make crawling across the ground a bit easier on your joints.

Here at Surplus Store, we offer two kinds of protective padding for knees – adjustable knee pads that are strapped on over clothing using Velcro, or built-in knee pads that are integrated into some of our camouflage trousers.

If you already have trousers that feature knee pockets, then we also have foam knee pad inserts available that can be slipped into these pockets for extra protection.

Our elbow pads can be attached and adjusted using the elasticated straps that fasten with Velcro. The pads feature a hardened outer shell to protect your elbows from impact damage.


Our airsoft accessories, including clothing, bags and protective gear, can be delivered to you via signed postage for a cost of £4.99.

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Viper Tactical Hard Shell Knee Pads Vcam
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