Combining safety with style, our range of headwear is ideal for airsoft skirmishes, with a few options available for day-to-day wear as well!

Our range of headwear is extensive, including helmets, face shields, beanies, snoods, neck gaiters, balaclavas, baseball caps and scarves.

We have styles available in black, tan, blue, green and camouflage, allowing you to choose items that best fit with the garments already in your airsoft collection.

Check out the products below for more information on the materials used, features offered and sizes available for each accessory.

Which to Choose?

Each piece of headwear offers a different purpose, so choosing the right one for you is important. Our face shield offers great protection for your teeth, nose and ears, improving the safety of your airsoft experience, while a helmet will help protect your head from attacks and falls.

For colder weather activities, our range of balaclavas, snoods and waterproof beanie hats can offer protection from wintery weather, as well as providing extra padding and comfort underneath other headgear.


If you are looking to buy any of our headwear or other clothing, then our airsoft clothing accessories can be sent to your door for a postage and packaging cost of £4.99. This is a signed delivery, giving you peace of mind that your parcel will arrive to you safe and secure.

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Viper Tactical Snood Coyote
Viper Tactical Snood Green
Emerson Gear Blue Label Ventilation Cap
From £15.00
KombatUK Scrim Net Scarf
From £6.00
Kombat UK Spec-Ops Baseball Cap - BTP Black
Viper Tactical Scrim - V-Cam
Viper Logo Bob Hat Titanium
Viper Logo Bob Hat Green
Viper Tactical Snood Vcam
From £7.50
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