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  1. The Best Airsoft Sites In and Around London

    Best airsoft sites in and around London Airsoft is an intense sport for people of all ages and backgrounds, and there are sites up and down the country where people can enjoy a good skirmish with other airsoft players. The UK is home to some incredible airsoft shops with an arsenal of rifles and pistols. We have covered areas in Bristol, Wales, and the Midlands, but we are looking towards the capital in this post. Continue reading →
  2. How the Cold War Started

    How the Cold War Started
    For anyone interested in military history, the Cold War is an intriguing part the of post-World War Two period, affecting Europe and America's relationships. The enormous sense of distrust between Russia and the West created decades of unease. Continue reading →
  3. A Brief History of Archery

    A Brief History of Archery
    The evolution of archery begins at the start of mankind’s history; it is one of the oldest arts that is still practised today. Since its origins, archery has been used for hunting and combat. Continue reading →
  4. Crazy Military Weapons that Actually Exist

    Crazy Military Weapons that Actually Exist
    Many of our day-to-day technological breakthroughs were first invented for military purposes. Did you know that both the internet and mobile phones have origins in the military? Continue reading →
  5. What Was 'The Iron Curtain'?

    What Was 'The Iron Curtain'?
    In one of the most famous political speeches, former Prime Minister Winston Churchill declares, "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent." This speech is considered the opening volley that initiated the Cold War. Continue reading →
  6. The History of Hunting Knives

    The History of Hunting Knives
    Hunting is one the oldest sports to exist. It has fuelled our evolution and survival. Archaeologists have unearthed what they believe to be the earliest evidence of our ancient ancestors hunting and scavenging. The evidence mainly consists of 2-million-year-old animal bones and stone tools. Continue reading →
  7. Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?

    Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?
    We all want to improve our accuracy when out on the field. And although airsoft isn't all about winning, we can all agree it can definitely make things more fun. If you're looking for accurate airsoft guns in the UK, check out our range here, at Surplus Store! We stock optics and various other accessories to help improve your aim and accuracy! Continue reading →
  8. Archery: How to Improve Your Shooting Stance

    Archery: How to Improve Your Shooting Stance
    Having proper form during archery is essential for consistent shooting; you could say that the backbone of archery is having correct shooting posture. Correct form will help your body work efficiently with your bow, which will affect your accuracy and consistency.
  9. Can You Use Air Weapons For Pest Control?

    Can You Use Air Weapons For Pest Control?
    When left to their own devices, pests can cause a whole number of problems for you and your home. From damaging possessions to spreading disease, it’s essential that any pests are brought under control quickly and humanely. Continue reading →
  10. What to Take to Your First Airsoft Game

    What to take to your first airsoft game You’ve picked the site, you’ve gathered your team, and you’re almost ready for your first airsoft game. But do you know what you need to take with you? We’ve made a checklist of the most important things to take with you to your first airsoft game. Continue reading →

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