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May 2016

  1. U.S. Army interested in adhesive properties of ivy

    Ivy on a wall, which may hold the key to stronger airsoft gear If you’ve ever had to clear out the garden and found ivy growing up the side of your house, you will understand how much of a pain it is to remove! But now, a team at Ohio State University are looking into this adhesive property of ivy, and how it could be applied to other situations. Continue reading →
  2. Five contenders who could play the next James Bond

    James Bond aiming down the barrel of an air pistol If recent reports are to be believed, current Bond Daniel Craig has turned down an eye-watering amount of money (rumoured to be £60 million) to reprise his role as 007. There has been some speculation about whether or not he would carry on in the role, and if not, who would take his place… Continue reading →
  3. Remember the 5 C’s of Survival Next Time You Head Out

    Person lighting a fire in the wild Whether you’re planning on heading out on a camping trip, an overnight hike or something more adventurous, it’s key to remember that you’ll be exposed to the elements. Although this can seem like an invigorating thought at first, it can soon turn sour if you don’t head out prepared. Remember to share your planned route and expected locations with a close friend or relative before you head off, that way, if you lose your bearings, people will know where you are! Continue reading →
  4. SAS to get “Batman style” wing suits

    Batman gliding using a cape, similar to new British military surplus concept It seems the SAS have got their very own Lucius Fox, as the elite unit are said to be testing gliding kits as an alternative to parachute jumps, allowing them to cover greater distances from an aeroplane. Continue reading →
  5. Seeking entertainment in London? Why not throw some massive axes about?

    A throwing knife/axe stuck in a stump of wood We all have our different ways of relaxing and relieving stress. Some of us go to the driving range and ping some balls about, others of us use sport as a relief. But how do you fancy the idea of throwing axes at big wooden targets? In a game which is kind of like a game of darts, but a lot more entertaining! Continue reading →
  6. Armorer Works HX10 & HX11 Pistol Overview CSS

    Dan's at it again with a shiny new overview! This time Dan feast his eyes on the brand new Armorer Works HX 10 & 11 practice pistols! Both series are featured in the video, however not all colours are. They're available in all colours but for now we will only be selling the HX1001, HX1102, HX1103, HX1004 and HX1105 as featured in...
  7. Sharpshooting mother and son to compete in the same Olympic

    Olympic air pistol shooting at the 2008 Olympic Games Nino Salukvadze from Georgia is set to compete in her eighth Olympic Games when she flies out to Rio de Janeiro this summer. Only one other woman – Josefa Idem-Guerrini, who competed for both West Germany and Italy – has competed in as many Olympics, which is a remarkable feat for Salukvadze. Continue reading →
  8. These four common insects can help you find water in a survival situation

    A bee on a flower, which can lead you to find water with your survival knife If you find yourself lost in the wild, finding a source of drinkable water should be one of your top priorities. There are a number of ways to look for water in the world, but using wildlife is arguably one of the most effective, as animals and bugs need water to survive too. Continue reading →
  9. RPG Video Competition

    This is something we've been excited to share with our viewers. From this point on we will be holding a monthly competition where you will have the chance to win a £50.00 voucher to use in our store or online. Watch the video to find out more and hopefully we'll see you in our first RPG Competition. Email us a link to...
  10. Turns out Captain America is owed a lot of money by the Army

    Captain America posing with his shield in camo clothing Steven Rogers, better known as Captain America, was drafted into the American Army after being injected with super soldier serum which turned him into the superhero we all know and love. Having being frozen and re-thawed in the modern world, still technically a member of the U.S. Army, it led to many people to speculate just how much money the US owed ol’ Cap in wages. Continue reading →

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