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July 2017

  1. James Bond’s Best Guns

    Anderson Wheeler rifle in Skyfall The 25th official James Bond film has been announced, with a release date of November 2019, though it is still unsure whether Daniel Craig will return for a fifth time to play the titular Bond. To celebrate the happy news that we will see the super spy grace our screens once again, and to keep us going while we wait over two years for it, we have taken a look at our favourite guns used by Bond since the popular franchise began in 1963. Continue reading →
  2. Browse Our Online Archery Store

    Bows, crossbows and slingshots for sale online at Surplus Store While Surplus Store specialises in air rifles and air guns, we also stock a wide variety of archery equipment, as we are big fans of the ancient sport of archery. We have archery bows, crossbows and many other archery-related equipment and accessories for sale from a number of manufacturers and brands. Why not take a look at our range and buy archery equipment online today? Continue reading →
  3. Unusual Guns People Actually Used

    Unusual guns that have been made and used Guns and rifles consist of one handle, one trigger and one barrel, essentially an instrument of death that works nearly 100% of the time. So why change the basic design? Because people are crazy. We have taken a look at some of the most unusual guns that people invented and actually used. Safe to say they are a long way off the sleek designs of a Hatsan air rifle. Continue reading →
  4. Modified BB Gun has 4000 psi Power Source

    Effects on drywall of modified airsoft BB gun Modified air rifles and BB guns can be a lot of fun to use, albeit possibly quite dangerous and possibly not legal in the UK (so don’t try this at home kids!). YouTuber Giacomo Di Muro took it to the next level, and made an airsoft BB gun, using a lathe and a milling machine, switching to steel pellets and turning up the pressure with a scuba diving tank to see what it could do. If you’ve seen the coke bottle/air compressor build, think bigger! Continue reading →
  5. 6 of the Greatest Zombie Movie Scenes

    Acting like zombies in Shaun of the Dead We love zombie movies at Surplus Store, and with our arsenal of air pistols, air rifles and airsoft gear, we think we could probably survive if a zombie apocalypse hits UK shores. Of course, the best thing about zombie movies is the blood and gore that comes with them, though they can be quite funny too. Continue reading →

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