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  1. Airsoft Bucket List 2021

    Airsoft Bucket List 2021
    As we head toward the end of another year, it’s time to start looking at what 2021 should have in store for us. We’ve all had a lot of time to think and plan out what we want next year to look like.
  2. The Best Prepping, Wilderness Skills and Survival YouTubers

    Best Survival YouTubers Having fantastic equipment, expensive boots and an all-weather sleeping bag can make you a good survivalist, but what makes a great survivalist is knowledge. The saying 'knowledge is power' is one we’re all familiar with, but often it is used with negative connotations, such as within business or political circles. Continue reading →
  3. Best Survival Radios

    Person in the wild A survival kit is a pack, in an ‘expedition appropriate’ case such as a bag or bucket, that provides essential supplies during an emergency. It is used to sustain a person with enough life-saving supplies, where the bare essentials cannot be immediately accessed. These supplies can be anything from food to first aid kits, tools, medical supplies, or even clean clothes. Depending on the supplies needed will depend on how much space is required or will be taken up or vice versa, which is important to take into account when packing your kit. Whilst not the hugest concern in the UK, in the rest of the world, if you are embarking on any extended time away from 'civilisation' or mobile signal, a survival radio could mean the difference between surviving or your safety being compromised. Continue reading →
  4. How to Survive in the Wild With Just a Knife

    Hunting knife stuck in tree bark Before smartphones which gave you access to apps which hold extensive knowledge and data roaming so you can access GPS and maps when in the middle of nowhere, humans could survive with the most basic of tools; a knife. And today, if we just built up some basic knowledge, leaned on our innate survival instincts, and got ourselves a decent survival knife, we could do it again. Continue reading →
  5. 7 Outdoor Survival Tips

    Kindling Over the last fifty years or so humans as a species have established an unsettling dependence on new technology, leaving basic survival instincts virtually extinct. While there are obvious advantages to making the most of all things technological, it’s never a good idea to solely rely on gadgets and gizmos, particularly given their lack of reliability and tendency to run out of battery, break or fail at critical times. Granted, actual life or death situations are few and far between for most, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all possible circumstances. With this in mind, here at Surplus, we’ve created a list of just seven of the most useful outdoor survival tips for you to brush up on the next time you head into the out and beyond. Continue reading →
  6. A Real-Life Jurassic Park: Would the Dinosaurs be Bullet-Proof?

    *Spoiler alert- this content contains small spoilers of the recent Jurassic Park film: Fallen Kingdom.* T.Rex in woods walks past open tent. Continue reading →
  7. Just One Country Would Survive a Real Zombie Apocalypse, Mathematicians Say

    Close up of zombie in a military helmet The fictional zombie apocalypse is an excellent source of entertainment for many people. Films, TV shows, video games, even airsoft events are all based on such an eventuality. Continue reading →
  8. What to Do in The Case of a Nuclear Emergency

    A mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion The news of the Doomsday Clock moving to two minutes to midnight due to the “threat” of nuclear war is one that has tongues wagging. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Doomsday Clock, which has been around since 1947, represents how close we are to the end of the world from a man-made catastrophe. With the recent false alarm in Hawaii and the fact that Donald Trump is in power of one of the most powerful countries in the world, people are seriously starting to brush up on their survival skills and assess what they need to do should the worst happen. Continue reading →
  9. 11% of Britons Have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

    Survivors from the Walking Dead. It seems that every other week the “end of the world” is upon us. Saturday, September 23 was supposed to spell the end of our fair planet as we know it, but the alarms going off this morning show that they were wrong once again! So-called “experts” have now predicted that the end will be October 21, but how prepared are you for the end of days? Continue reading →
  10. These are the Weapons You Should Grab in a Zombie Apocalypse

    Which weapon would you choose in a zombie apocalypse We have all thought about what our survival method would be in a zombie apocalypse, be it heading to a supermarket where there is a huge amount of food, going to an underground bunker or the crazier option of picking up a weapon and heading out to destroy the zombies! Continue reading →

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