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June 2018

  1. 5 Interesting Facts About Airsoft

    Airsoft is becoming a popular sport for those seeking an adrenaline rush, want to copy their favourite video game players, or just want to try something a little bit different. Airsoft has been around for ages but has only become more widely referred to in recent years. There is nothing quite like getting hyped for a day spent on the field playing with some of your friends. You may already think of yourself as a bit of an airsoft buff, but did you know any of these interesting facts about your favourite sport? Continue reading →
  2. U.S. Army is Buying Pepper Spray Paintball Guns

    A person firing a paintball gun. The U.S. Army is buying paintball guns that are designed for shooting pepper spray-filled paintballs as a form of non-lethal deterrent; it has been announced. The guns are said to give U.S. forces in Afghanistan the chance to disable potential threats without shooting them with live ammunition. The balls will explode on contact and create a cloud of pepper spray, incapacitating enemy personnel. Continue reading →
  3. Our How-To Guide for Becoming an Airsoft Rifleman

    Man holding a an airlift rifle Continuing our “how-to” series on the different airsoft positions in a team, we now come to the rifleman. The term itself is often met with “oh…” for many, as it is seen as quite a dull position in a team. Continue reading →
  4. U.S. Army Reveal New Super-Lightweight Helmet

    The U.S Army has unveiled a shakeup with some of its protective combat kit after it was announced that a new helmet is currently under development. A classic steel pot hat issued to the U.S. Army Continue reading →
  5. Tokyo Marui Set to Launch GunArena Airsoft Arcade Game

    Two men using a Time Crisis arcade machine. We love airsoft guns, that much is obvious. We also love video games, as highlighted in some of our previous blog posts. So, when we stumbled across the news that those two loves were being combined, we were like the proverbial kids in the sweet shop! Tokyo Marui has teamed up with companies Taito and Natsume-Atari to work on the GunArena airsoft arcade game, with testing on the machine set to be carried out this June (2018). Continue reading →
  6. Belarus Military Unveil RPG-Wielding Anti-Tank Quadcopter

    Screenshot of the drone in flight. It seems that militaries around the world will stop at nothing to get a one-up on their rival and opponents, and Belarus seem to have done just that with the help of a drone and some hefty firepower. Continue reading →
  7. Details of U.S. Navy’s Secret 'Sea Dragon' Missile Revealed

    The American Navy, along with a currently unidentified defence contractor is presently occupied with a new missile that has been branded as the “disruptive offensive capability” that existing submarines firepower just don't carry. In fact, the service claims that this will enable them to confront enemy ships. A U.S. Navy SM-6 - Standard ERAM (RIM-174) Missile Continue reading →
  8. A Brief History of the L85A1: The Most Hated Rifle in the British Army?

    The L85A1 rifle from 1996. A little bit of history goes a long way, which is why we’re so fond of looking at the story behind some of our airsoft rifles – looking into their real-life counterparts to understand how they came to be. This time, we will be looking closer to home with the L85A1, which was made right here in the UK. However, in typical British fashion, it was plagued with issues as you will soon see… Continue reading →
  9. The Best Airsoft Sites in Bristol

    There’s no getting away from the sport of airsoft these days. This much-loved and regularly played hobby give people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to come and have a good ol’ skirmish with their airsoft guns in some of the coolest scenarios imaginable. Up and down the country, you can find incredible airsoft sites, so if you are just kicking things off in the wonderful world of airsoft, or you just fancy seeing how you get on at a new venue, we've got you covered. An airsoft rifle laying on the ground Continue reading →
  10. Just One Country Would Survive a Real Zombie Apocalypse, Mathematicians Say

    Close up of zombie in a military helmet The fictional zombie apocalypse is an excellent source of entertainment for many people. Films, TV shows, video games, even airsoft events are all based on such an eventuality. Continue reading →

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