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July 2018

  1. The Weird and Wonderful World of Airsoft Clothing

    Airsoft player wearing predator mask. Airsoft outfits…some go casual, while others go all out. In the weird and wonderful world of airsoft, there are some equally weird and wonderful outfits to boot! Continue reading →
  2. How to Start an Airsoft Team

    Airsoft team. Ever thought about starting up your own airsoft team? If you’re passionate about the sport, the thought has probably crossed your mind once or twice. Maybe you and your friends like to play, on occasion, but it is not a team per se?  Maybe you’ve seen teams on the field and have been afflicted with tinges of jealousy? Or, perhaps you are already in a group and looking to branch out in a new direction? Continue reading →
  3. Why Do We Name Guns?

    A list of nicknames. You won’t go far without stumbling across someone whose named their beloved airsoft gun collection. The personification of weaponry is something that has happened for many centuries now, and for numerous reasons. So, as you name your latest airsoft gun, have you ever stopped to wonder why we name them at all? Continue reading →
  4. Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle Will Not Replace M249, Officials Say

    M249 being fired by soldier in prone position. You know the saying “sometimes the old ways are the best”? Well, it seems that is exactly the thinking behind the recent announcement that the Cold War-era M249 Squad Automatic Weapon could well remain in army circulation for years to come. While they are looking into fielding the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR) as early as 2022, the M249 is doing a currently doing a great job, and it has been hinted that it won’t be completely phased out when the NGSAR is rolled out. Continue reading →
  5. History of the M16: How it Became One of the Most Popular Rifles in the World

    An American soldier in Vietnam firing an M16 Next up in our gun history series, we take a look at the M16 rifle. The M16 is a military adaptation of the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle and is sometimes referred to as the “Vietnam rifle” due to its use in the Vietnam War. But despite its popularity and wide-spread use today, did you know the M16 was originally not meant to be? We take a look at the history of gun that has gone on to be one of the most popular airsoft rifles to date: Continue reading →
  6. Military Movements Revealed by Fitness App

    Person tracks an individual through fitness app mapping system. In this technological age, the secret weapon is data. Companies, hackers and secret services have been harnessing this invisible information about people in order to gain invaluable and sensitive intel on them; all covertly, we thought, up until we found out about these latest data-slip stories through an unsuspecting means! Continue reading →
  7. Our How-To Guide for Becoming an Airsoft Support Gunner

    Next up in our “how-to” series, it’s the turn of the support gunner. You tend to find support gunners in larger airsoft events that have restrictions placed on the number of support guns allowed, and they can be invaluable in these scenarios. A support gunner will often be equipped with a Light Machine Gun (LMG) – otherwise known as a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) – and if utilised correctly, they can help to make everyone in their squad feel a little safer. Continue reading →
  8. A Real-Life Jurassic Park: Would the Dinosaurs be Bullet-Proof?

    *Spoiler alert- this content contains small spoilers of the recent Jurassic Park film: Fallen Kingdom.* T.Rex in woods walks past open tent. Continue reading →
  9. Chinese Laser Rifle: Science Fact or Science Fiction?

    Please Stand By screen from Fallout video game. Futuristic firearm prototypes are constantly being floated out into the news, and China is the latest to go public with their version of the laser rifle, the ZKZM-500. A recent report states that the ZKZM-500 is capable of setting fire to fuel tanks, burning hair and even “carbonising” materials (including human flesh) at a range of 800m. What’s more, the rifle weighs a mere 3kg and is completely portable! Continue reading →
  10. Individual Soldiers Will Control Swarms of Robots in Near Future, Army States

    Close up of T-800 from Terminator Will the age of the machine be here sooner than we know it?! Well, Army officials are planning a certain advancement that could be a game-changer in the theatre of war, and one that we hope will be adapted for civilian use too! Continue reading →

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