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June 2017

  1. Get Viper Clothing From Surplus Store Online

    Viper clothing available online at Surplus Store We don’t just stock guns and shooting equipment at Surplus Store, but also provide our customers with a range of clothing and accessories which can better your airsoft, hunting or paintballing experiences. Our online shop is a great way to browse through the clothing we offer and buy it straight away! Continue reading →
  2. 6 Top Air Rifle Brands

    Hatsan air rifle available at Surplus Store If you are in the market for buying a new air gun, you typically check out any good new arrivals on the market and also check out what your favourite brands are currently offering. At Surplus Store, we have hundreds of air rifles available, and you are sure to find one you like. In this blog post, we have taken a closer look at some of the top air rifle brands you can choose from, which are also some of the most popular for hunters, target shooters or those who enjoy just enjoy firing off rounds in the back garden. Continue reading →
  3. Military Weapons That Could Have Transformed Wars

    A-12 Avenger concept art For hundreds of years, there have been inventions of weapons during wars which have altered the outcome of wars, from guns to tanks and even nuclear bombs. These weapons are effective in so many ways, and it begs the question, what other super weapons did the U.S. military have up their sleeve that they didn’t use in war? Continue reading →
  4. Just How Do Tanks Defend Themselves from Incoming Missiles?

    U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank defends against missiles Tanks are large, fast-moving and heavily armed military vehicles, and seen as the primary offensive weapon of modern armies. For the past 100 years, engineers from opposing countries have been locked in an arms race to figure out the best way for protecting their own tanks and destroying others. Typically, protecting tanks consists of adding new and increasingly heavier armour plating, but there are new kinetic Active Protection Systems (APS) that are becoming popular alternatives. Continue reading →
  5. These are the Weapons You Should Grab in a Zombie Apocalypse

    Which weapon would you choose in a zombie apocalypse We have all thought about what our survival method would be in a zombie apocalypse, be it heading to a supermarket where there is a huge amount of food, going to an underground bunker or the crazier option of picking up a weapon and heading out to destroy the zombies! Continue reading →
  6. Lesser known stories from World War II

    lesser known stories from World War Two This week marks 73 years since the Normandy D-Day landings, which took place on 6th June 1944. One of the most memorable events from the Second World War, the Allies invasion of Western Europe lasted until August 1944 and resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. Continue reading →
  7. Facts and Figures about British Security Intelligence Service

    James Bond, a British spy We have all heard of MI5 and MI6, Britain’s counterintelligence and security agencies, and possibly all dreamed about being a spy, helped along with the Bond books and films that show it to be a rather fun and exciting lifestyle (which is no doubt very far from the truth). But how much do you know about the intelligence services that operate in the United Kingdom? We have taken a closer look. Continue reading →
  8. 7 of the Weirdest Wars Fought Throughout History

    Pig who started a war Many wars are fought to gain territory or restore honour; they are complicated affairs that often result from several trigger events and building tension between two nations. However, throughout history, there have been some fascinating wars that are the exceptions. We’ve listed some of the best, most bizarre wars which have been fought throughout history, so here they are, in no particular order! Continue reading →

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