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September 2016

  1. Combat helmet-mounted HUD brings the future into the present

    Call of Duty HUD We’ve all seen a HUD (heads up display) on films and in video games such as Call of Duty. Typically, they display a mini-map, remaining bullets in a clip and any remaining equipment you might have to use. Up until now, this has pretty much been a work of fiction, but Rockwell Collins have unveiled a new system which puts a HUD and the associated information front and centre. Continue reading →
  2. Own a piece of history with these WWII deactivated guns

    Mosin-Nagant deactivated gun for sale at Surplus Store Did you know that alongside all of our other great products, we have a range of deactivated guns for sale? From pistols to machine guns, our guns have been fully decommissioned and hold a London or Birmingham proof mark and certificate. Continue reading →
  3. These twelve survival myths may actually do more harm than good…

    A man in the wilderness There are many survival tips which many of you have probably heard of over the years that you may remember in a wilderness situation and try to apply. However, some of these tips are very wrong, and could cause you more harm than good. We understand not everyone is going to be like Hugh Glass, equipped with their trusty air rifle and a badass attitude, so we have taken a look at some of these myths below and what you should do instead! Continue reading →
  4. Fancy surviving the zombie apocalypse? These experts claim they know how

    Rick Grimes and zombies from The Walking Dead So the end is nigh and the dead are walking the streets again… What do you do?! Most of the zombie fans out there probably have a plan set out of what they will do should this catastrophic event kick off. Continue reading →
  5. Problem with your air gun or airsoft gear? We can help!

    Repair section in store at Surplus Store Here at Surplus Store, we have a very well regarded airsoft repairs department and we are also an authorised Air Arms service centre, meaning if you have a problem with your airsoft guns or air guns, we can help! Continue reading →
  6. WWII Marine Raider’s M1 undergoing preservation at Navy lab

    U.S. Soldier with M1 Garand from 1942 An M1 Garand used by a Marine Raider during World War II is currently undergoing extensive preservation work at a Navy lab to try and save this little piece of history for future generations to learn from. Continue reading →

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