Call of Duty HUD

We’ve all seen a HUD (heads up display) on films and in video games such as Call of Duty. Typically, they display a mini-map, remaining bullets in a clip and any remaining equipment you might have to use.

Up until now, this has pretty much been a work of fiction, but Rockwell Collins have unveiled a new system which puts a HUD and the associated information front and centre.

The Integrated Digital Vision System (IDVS) is a heads up display which attaches to combat helmets and relays information from a command centre, as well as other soldiers or drones. It also augments the wearer’s vision with multispectral sensors.

The aim of the system is to provide key data without distracting a soldier from their task at hand. The data relayed to them could be anything from compass headings, maps or markers on objects or people.

This information is displayed on a transparent 1920 x 1200 pixel display right before the wearer’s eye. This display can flip up out of the way if needed and can be adjusted to each individual wearer’s needs.

It is also capable of increasing visibility in foggy, smoky, dusty or dark conditions, thanks to multiple sensors on the top. Two of these detect light, while another adds thermal infrared view – with the company claiming the system can quickly transition between the different light levels.

To help future-proof the system, the company have built it on open architecture. This essentially means data can be input and processing can be upgraded as technology progresses… Is too much to ask for an airsoft gear version?!


Photo courtesy of man in black gameplay on YouTube, under Creative Commons