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  1. Best Airsoft Youtubers

    Best airsoft YouTubers The world of YouTube has opened up a wealth of opportunity for airsofters, allowing us to share our own battles, successes and occasional fails, and watch other people’s experiences too! The success of YouTube has spawned a plethora of different airsoft content creators, some with higher quality videos than others, and sometimes it’s difficult to pick the wheat from the chaff. Continue reading →
  2. The Weird and Wonderful World of Airsoft Clothing

    Airsoft player wearing predator mask. Airsoft outfits…some go casual, while others go all out. In the weird and wonderful world of airsoft, there are some equally weird and wonderful outfits to boot! Continue reading →
  3. Belarus Military Unveil RPG-Wielding Anti-Tank Quadcopter

    Screenshot of the drone in flight. It seems that militaries around the world will stop at nothing to get a one-up on their rival and opponents, and Belarus seem to have done just that with the help of a drone and some hefty firepower. Continue reading →
  4. Our Favourite Airsoft Players

    Sniper in the grass who is equipped with airsoft guns. If you have been playing airsoft for a while, you will probably have an airsoft player that you look up to. Here at Surplus Store, we follow a number of incredible airsoft superstars and these players have perfected their skill over the years to become experts in their field and are well-known throughout the community. Continue reading →
  5. The coolest air pistol videos from The Slow Mo Guys

    air pistol being shot and filmed in slow motion Shooting an air pistol can look cool, but we all know that everything looks better in slow motion, and popular YouTubers do just that. The Slow Mo Guys, made up of Gav and Dan, have hundreds of videos on their channel doing things in slow motion, such as exploding paint, a football to the face and blowing up giant water balloons. They also use air pistols in various videos, such as a recent air pistol vs. candle. Continue reading →
  6. Could you really survive the booby-traps in Home Alone?

    Macaulay Culkin as he appears in Home Alone Home Alone is probably one of the most famous Christmas films out there, where due to a mishap, a young boy finds himself (who’d have guessed it?!) home alone over Christmas. Continue reading →
  7. Someone has made a working version of Batman’s grappling gun, and it’s awesome

    Batman from the 1960s in a boxing ring Batman’s utility belt plays a vital role in taking down whichever enemy he is fighting, and he always seems to have just the tool for the job (anyone remember the ‘Shark Repellent Bat Spray from the 60s?!), but one of his more staple gadgets has been the grappling gun since it first appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman. Continue reading →
  8. Best party trick ever? Man opens beer bottles with an air rifle

    A beer bottle lid being shot off using an air rifle Some rather impressive footage has emerged from China recently, showing arguably one of the best party tricks we’ve ever seen – a man opening beer bottles using an air rifle! Continue reading →
  9. The Slow Mo Guys take on the air pistol v candle challenge

    Pellet from air pistol travelling towards candle As the name suggests, The Slow Mo Guys specialise in all things, well, slow! Some of their video highlights include shooting pistols underwater, giant water balloons and elastic bands vs watermelons. Continue reading →
  10. Meet the DartDrone: the drone modified to carry an air gun

    DartDrone in flight, which has been modified to carry an air gun Commercial drones and guns have been combined before, with people kitting out their drones to fire Nerf guns, and even Roman Candle fireworks! But now, a new drone-gun hybrid has been created to be used for good – the DartDrone from a company called Haevic. Continue reading →

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