air pistol being shot and filmed in slow motion

Shooting an air pistol can look cool, but we all know that everything looks better in slow motion, and popular YouTubers do just that. The Slow Mo Guys, made up of Gav and Dan, have hundreds of videos on their channel doing things in slow motion, such as exploding paint, a football to the face and blowing up giant water balloons. They also use air pistols in various videos, such as a recent air pistol vs. candle.

After a releasing a new video of them shooting a deodorant stick with an air pistol, with some interesting effects, we have taken a look at some of the weirdest and coolest slow mo videos they have created in the last few months and years, using air pistols and other firearms:

Slow Mo Pellet Penetration

Gav and Dan get the air pistol out and watch pellets go through the medium of men’s deodorant. The reason for the video is the two of them like the look of (in slow-mo) “bullets coming out of a gun hitting stuff.” And why a stick of deodorant? They are good at showing the entrance and exit wound as they are goopy but still retain their shape even after the pellet has been shot through them. As they say in the video, it’s not really a test of anything, but it looks alright in slow-mo. Take a look below:

Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge

When the Slow Mo Guys started out, they did a lot more challenges and competitions between themselves. This challenge sees them using an air pistol to shoot out a burning candle, and the loser gets a football to the face – standard. With Dan as someone who is accustomed to firing weapons, being in the army, and Gav someone who hates guns, the outcome is hilarious. We previously wrote about this air pistol challenge, which you can read about here. Check out the video below:

Air Pistol Vs Coke Can

Another challenge video from the Slow Mo Guys’ early days, this air pistol vs. coke can is great to watch. The pressure from the carbonated drink makes the can whizz about after it has been shot with an air pistol. Definitely something you can try yourself! Have a look below:

Balloon Bullet Time

Moving away from air pistols to BB guns, The Slow Mo Guys are shooting balloons filled with water. The balloons are strung up in a row, so the pellet goes through the balloons in a row, and you can see them explode one by one. Take a look at the video below:

Underwater Bullets

Using an underwater gun, The Slow Mo Guys slow down time so we can see what bullets being fired underwater looks like. It is not what you may think, and the result is very cool. Using a camera which films at 27,000fps, the effect of the bullet going through the water is impressive. Starting out with a 9mm pistol and then using a revolver with a short barrel, the underwater effect is interesting to see, especially in slow motion. Check out the video below:

Fully Automatic Assault Rifle

The Slow Mo Guys show us the mechanical workings of a fully automatic assault rifle in slow-mo. The M4 Carbine with a holographic sight fires 30 rounds in just over 2 seconds. Even though we have all seen guns like this being fired in movies or other YouTube videos, it is cool to see it in slow motion, especially when it is 720 times slower than in real life. Have a look below:

Screenshot courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube