Airsoft Sites South West England

Airsoft in the UK is growing in popularity and for a good reason! This sport has been likened to paintballing in the past but takes it to a whole new dimension! Due to the realism of the airsoft guns used, it appeals to a large range of people and makes it an incredibly fun hobby when you are out in the field.However, if you are just starting this sport, you may be wondering where you can actually play. Throughout the UK, there are numerous airsoft locations where you can take on other people who love this sport as much as you.

We have taken a look at some of the very best airsoft spots which can be found on the south coast of England.

Skirmish – Exeter, Devon

In Exeter, you will find Stoke Woods. These woodlands play host to a number of airsoft games and events throughout the month. You can join in on one of their monthly dedicated walk-on days, or you can call the booking office to arrange a private game on any day of the week.

Throughout the woods, there are dedicated game arenas all with different themes including a swamp, dark woods, village and much more. There are over 100 acres to play with, and they have taken the time to build the most exciting structures, including villages, forts, trenches, towers, barricades, vehicles, and even ex-military objects like missiles all to be enjoyed!

Airsoft sniper in grass

UCAP Airsoft - Portsmouth, Hampshire

UCAP Airsoft which is located in Portsmouth is a popular place for avid airsoft players who live in the south. This is due to UCAP having the perfect airsoft arenas for all-weather conditions where you can play in their very own bunker.

This bunker is based just two miles north of Portsmouth, is 100ft underground, and provides a unique experience and some of the best facilities for airsoft close quarter battle. With over a mile and a half of useable tunnels, rooms and corridors as wide as streets you will definitely want to pay this location a visit!

UCAP’s other site is called GreenOps, as it is an outdoor close quarter combat site based halfway between Portsmouth and London on the A3 at Liphook. The site is scattered with bunkers, forts, military vehicles and other man-made and natural obstacles.

airsoft team with guns

Ace Combat -  Brenchly, Kent

Ace Combat is renowned for being an excellent place for beginners, but due to there being a mixture of woodland, open ground and tactical structures it also makes the site suitable for all levels of experience.

The site is also a registered blasting area which allows Ace Combat to make use of military grade battlefield simulation pyrotechnics in certain scenarios as well as regular trips and traps they often use.

They even have a Nerf Mortar which adds an extra dimension to the experience and sends players rushing for cover!

A man shooting a military gun with a bullet flying into the sky

Elite Airsoft – Truro, Cornwall

Elite Airsoft, located near Truro in Cornwall is popular with those living in the Devon and Cornwall. This is due there being over 60 acres to play in and no two games ever being the same! You can play in a pine forest and marshland to rivers, ponds, open fields and dense undergrowth. They hold many events throughout the year, so be sure to check out their website before heading there.

Person walking in woods with airsoft rifle

Dogtag Airsoft -  Faygate, West Sussex

Starting out as a paintball site and outdoor activities centre, Dogtag Airsoft has gone from strength to strength. This site is a purpose-built airsoft site which includes a unique 'downed' helicopter to play around as well as other fields with varied game types. Here you will find singular objective-based games as well as longer games, making it perfect for anyone looking to hone your skill.

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Dogtag Airsoft can play host to upwards of 150-200 players on an average day, and even up to 300 on bigger days! Additionally, they have hosted such events as the UK Airsoft Masters (team-based trophy competition) and the UK vs USA Weekend!

Airsoft player with gun

Zed Adventures Battle Lakes - Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Battle Lakes is set in around 250 acres of varied woodland which does, of course, includes a lake or two! This airsoft site specialises in the longer multi-objective story-based games so be prepared to experience air drops as well as raiding your enemies' base (make sure to protect yours too)! It might not happen in every game, but there is sometimes 4x4s that get pulled into gameplay, mortars, they also host gas and spring days as well as limited ammo storyline based non-stop Mil-Sims which are well worth getting into! Work as a team or get taken apart by the OPFOR!

This airsoft site is great if you want to bring some realism to your game, this site is really like no other!

These are just a handful of airsoft arenas and sites which can be found in this part of the UK. If you are looking for airsoft rifles or gear, don't forget to check out the rest of our website!