If you have never transported your airsoft guns before or need a refresh before the skirmish sites open again, we’ve provided some essential but practical tips to ensure you travel securely.

Know UK Airsoft Rules

A good place to start is to understand regulations concerning airsoft BB guns in the UK, as there tends to be more rules on handling airsoft guns as opposed to buying one.

Airsoft guns cannot be openly carried or shown in public. They are regarded as Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs), which means that they must be suitably covered from public view in an appropriate form of casing. We will explore the options of suitable airsoft cases later in our blog.

Airsoft guns should only be publicly transported to and from skirmish sites or from the store upon purchase or returned to the store for repair. If you are stopped, and there isn't a justifiable reason for publicly transporting RIFs, you could face police charges as it is a public offence.

An airsoft player walking on his own

Be Mindful

With the UK airsoft regulations in mind, it is essential that you appropriately transport your airsoft guns to and from either your skirmish site or an airsoft store. Here are some tips to help keep you out of trouble and ensure the safety of others.

Keep Your Airsoft Gun Out of Sight

First things first, you must keep your airsoft guns out of eye view. There are many reasons for this.

Firearms are heavily restricted in the UK, and if someone sees a RIF and doesn't recognise it as such, it could cause dangerous panic in public areas. If you are suspected of causing potential harm to others by possessing a perceived firearm, at best, you could be arrested, and at worst, you will be dealing with the police Firearms response unit!

For this reason, it is imperative that your airsoft guns are safely stored in a bag or case. Do not have them visible, even when in your own car, and do not remove them from your bag in a public space.


A great way to illustrate that you do not intend to open your bag of airsoft guns is to seal your bag with a lock. If you are stopped, it demonstrates that you are restricting your access to guns and reassures that you don't want to open the bag with ease. It also shows that you are thinking about the safety of others.

Break Guns Down

Another key tip is to dismantle your airsoft guns before you pack them. Again, this demonstrates that you were not intending to quickly open the bag and have the airsoft guns on display for public viewing.

Whilst this is not a tip for the beginners (or AEGs, this works better with GBBRs and other strippable types), this can be very useful to prove that you are carrying an airsoft gun, not real steel ones! Not every police officer will be able to tell the difference.

Be an Ambassador of the Sport

A key thing to remember is that airsoft is a relatively small community of people. For those who don't understand that airsoft are RIFs and not real guns, it can be confusing.

We always want to create the best impression to uphold our sport's reputation and encourage others that it is a safe and welcoming community.

Gun Cases and Bags

If you are not sure which gun case is most suitable for you, we look at the different designs and their benefits to help you decide.

Remington Rifle Bag in green

Soft Bags

Soft bags are great if you have limited space when travelling with your airsoft guns.

They tend to be easier to carry thanks to their padded straps and are suitable for carrying larger rifles.

They come in a range of materials and styles, and some provide extra padding to ensure better protection, and these tend to rise in price. A reasonably priced and trustworthy soft bag is the Remington Rifle Bag.

Nuprol Hard Rifle Case

Hard Cases

For optimum protection, hard cases are the go-to bag to transport your airsoft guns.

Firstly, they look more ‘professional’, which is beneficial if the police stop you, for example.

They are incredibly hard-wearing and are more reliable to shield your equipment from damage during transportation.

However, they can be bulky and heavy, which means they can be difficult to carry on public transport or over the final mile some sites have between the car and the safezone!

Some cases are created from plastic, and others are built with aluminium. One of our best sellers here at Surplus Store is the HSF AC16 Reliance Hard Rifle Case. Incredible value for money, it is ideal for small rifles.

If you want to spend more to ensure your beloved gun’s optimum protection, the Nuprol Hard Rifle Case is great for bigger rifles. It is complete with wheels, so it’s easy to move around.

Hard cases are also brilliant for carrying airsoft pistols, providing compact protection to and from the airsoft site. A cheap and cheerful popular choice on our site is the Nuprol Hard Pistol Case.

Additional Rucksack

You may not be able to fit much more than your airsoft gun in your gun case. For additional gear such as protective wear, you will most likely need another bag like a rucksack.

Not sure what you need to put in your rucksack for a day of skirmish? No problem, you can find out what essentials you will need to pack by clicking on the blog below:

CTA button to backpack essentials blog

Public Transport Tips

If you are travelling on public transport, it is essential to be a little more self-aware when transporting your airsoft guns.

We offer our top tips below:

Avoid wearing your gear in public.

There are many reasons why, and if you are imitating a soldier, it can attract the wrong attention. Always wear your everyday clothes and get changed into your airsoft attire when you are safely at the site.

A green holdall on the floor next to a chair

Use a Holdall

Unfortunately, an airsoft gun case isn't appropriate to use on public transport. You will need to be more inconspicuous as any signal of some form of firearm, even if not real, can understandably cause great alarm and discomfort. Instead, invest in a large holdall. It will look like a regular suitcase, and you can fit all your additional gear, accessories and extra rucksack in it too!

If the Police Stop You

Be honest! Say what you have when asked, and if asked to show the officers remind them you have airsoft guns or Realistic Imitation Firearms in your case and you would prefer not to open your case in a public area.

How do you transport your airsoft equipment? Why not let us know on our social media channels?