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September 2015

  1. The “punt gun” may be the most insane gun ever made

    Two men holding the punt gun, unfortunately not found in our air rifle shop Used in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the punt gun may well be one of the most insane guns ever built! For when killing two birds with one stone was too mainstream, the punt gun boasted the capability of being able to take down 50-100 birds with a single shot! Of course, this ‘over the top’ beast was made by our American brethren, whose motto was, of course, ‘the bigger the gun the better!’ Many waterfowl hunters made their trade by bringing in as many birds as possible, and selling them at market, so being able to take out nearly 100 birds in a single shot seems like a pretty good return, wouldn’t you say? Continue reading →
  2. Air guns and world records

    Guinness World Records logo, with few records containing air rifles UK – Surplus Store Crawley The most recent edition of the Guinness World Records was released recently, which got us thinking, how many world records are there out there that relate to the world of air guns? We got investigating, and here is what we found! Continue reading →
  3. Lasers are the way forward… Apparently!

    US Air Force planes on runway, soon to be fitted with lasers for combat purposes – Surplus Store The US Armed Forces have clearly been watching Austin Powers, because it seems they are sticking lasers on everything! (Apart from sharks sadly…) The Army has the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL-MD) and are working on a Star Wars-esque laser gun attachments for their rifles, the Navy have a battleship-mounted railgun aboard the USS Ponce (that is the actual name!) and now the Air Force are getting involved. Continue reading →
  4. Russia modify gun to shoot around corners

    A business based in Russia have dabbled in a bit of modification recently, and have produced a piece of kit which allows the Makarov pistol to shoot around corners! It is not quite as glamorous as it sounds, and there will be no Angelina Jolie-style curving of bullets as seen in the film Wanted; rather more built in a garden shed in Moscow from old bike parts and your dad’s belt. Continue reading →
  5. Tips for caring for your Air Gun

    Air guns UK, pellets and target as purchased from Surplus Store Crawley Let’s be honest, when you invest in an air gun, you will want it to last for as long as physically possible. In order for this to happen, there are a few things you will need to keep an eye on and ensure you do to keep your air guns UK in perfect working order. We have taken a look at a few points below: Continue reading →
  6. How would the American Air Force defend against Godzilla?

    Could you defend yourself against Godzilla using a pellet gun from Surplus Store? In true American style, the Air Force have taken measures to ensure that they have the means to defeat Godzilla, should he ever emerge from the ocean and wreak havoc on all of Japan. In a recent video, Senior Airman Mark Hermann and Master Sergeant Jason Edwards from the Air Force’s 18th Wing, located at Kadena Air Base in Japan believe they have the solution to sending the Kaiju back to the briny depths from whence he came. Continue reading →
  7. Americans are naming their babies after guns… Honestly!

    Pistol and American flag, with more Americans naming their babies after guns – Surplus Store Crawley It may be one of the weirder titles you will read today, but it is true! More American parents are naming their children after guns, or other gun related words. Gunner is the most popular name, but other names such as Shooter, Caliber, Trigger and even Pistol are proving to be popular choices. Continue reading →

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