Air guns UK, pellets and target as purchased from Surplus Store Crawley

Let’s be honest, when you invest in an air gun, you will want it to last for as long as physically possible. In order for this to happen, there are a few things you will need to keep an eye on and ensure you do to keep your air guns UK in perfect working order. We have taken a look at a few points below:


Where you apply a lubricant to your gun would depend on the type of air gun you have. Many of the recoilless air guns have self-lubricating parts, and will therefore only need oiling during a routine maintenance, which is done by a professional.

If you have a spring powered gun, the cocking linkage should be kept lubricated. The cocking linkage connects the spring to the piston of the rifle, and is therefore a very key component of the rifle, frequently moving with each shot.

If using a break barrel gun, the barrel rotates on a large bolt which is part of the cocking linkage. On some guns, there are small washers either side of the barrel to reduce wear, but this is not standard on all guns. Keeping the barrel lubricated will reduce the wear of the repetitive action it receives from breaking open and closing shut with each shot. It must also be noted that the barrel should always be closed shut, and not allowed to snap shut. This can quite easily bend the barrel pin due to the softer material it is made from, even if only done once!

Bore Cleaning

Since air guns are fired without the use of a powder or primer, cleaning of the barrel is not a necessity to prevent rust. However, it does help if your accuracy starts to drop, which is of course extremely important! You should also clean your barrel whenever you change pellet type and allow 20-30 pellets to re-lead the barrel before you start to re-zero your sights. Most accuracy complaints come as a result of a dirty bore, even though it may appear clean to the naked eye. When storing your air gun, clean the bore and leave with a light coating of oil, but make sure you use oils designed for air guns, or this could damage it and void the warranty. We have a full range on our website, so check it out.


Care for your gun continues right through to the firing point, by ensuring you use proper pellets. Cheaper pellets can be extremely harmful to your gun, so don’t skimp out when it comes to ammunition. Also remember to never place a pellet you have found or previously fired back into your gun! This may sound simple, but even if the pellet appears to be undamaged, it isn’t worth taking the risk!

If you aren’t confident in the cleaning and maintenance of your air gun, please seek professional help. As mentioned above, any mistreatment of your gun could void the warranty, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

We have a full range of air guns for sale which can be viewed on our website, or in store. We also stock a full range of maintenance items and pellets. If you have any questions about caring for any of your products, give us a comment below, on our Facebook or even send us an email in store.