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  1. 6 Facts About the 'Bouncing Betty'

    6 Facts About the 'Bouncing Betty'
    We explorethe history, creation and impact of one of the most feared military weapons during World War Two, the S mine!
  2. Airsoft Bucket List 2021

    Airsoft Bucket List 2021
    As we head toward the end of another year, it’s time to start looking at what 2021 should have in store for us. We’ve all had a lot of time to think and plan out what we want next year to look like.
  3. The Guns From Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys 2 Cover Image “You ain’t seen Bad Boys II?”. An often-quoted line from the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost classic Hot Fuzz, which still rings true today. If you haven’t seen Bad Boys II, then you should, even as it approaches its 17th birthday. Continue reading →
  4. The Guns of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    [caption id="attachment_2804" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Production still of Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3 Image credit: Imfdb.org[/caption] Super assassin, the baba yaga, John Wick, is back again in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Released earlier in May, the action flick combines quippy one-liners with stunning action sequences - and multiple headshots. The huge success of the films, starring Keanu Reeves, has meant a fourth has already been announced for 2021. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Iconic Guns from TV and Film

    Smith & Wesson *WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD* This piece of content contains spoilers from movies and TV shows – so read at your own risk - you have been warned! Throughout the many years of TV and film, there has been a variety of guns that we couldn’t imagine our favourite characters without. Here we’re taking a look some of the most iconic guns, mostly from film but with the addition of one entry from a TV series. Continue reading →
  6. Learn More About Gun Moderators/Suppressors/Silencers

    gun suppressor. Sound suppressors, moderators, silencers. However, you may refer to them, there’s no denying they’re a cool piece of kit; we know many of our readers have one or two (or more) already in their collection. Continue reading →
  7. How to Pick a Name for Your Gun

    Cartoon sketch of soldiers with ‘boomsticks’ aka rifles. We reported last month on the history of naming guns. It was a tool used to make ancient tales memorable, to demonstrate gun or owner characteristics or pay respect to the living or the dead. Just as it was essential to gun-owners of the past, naming your gun is a must for any owner of today, particularly because many consider it bad luck not to – and who needs bad karma on the field? Continue reading →
  8. New Season of Hollywood Weapons Streaming on Netflix

    Hollywood sign. We’ve been binging on the latest season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction on Netflix recently. Season two dropped on UK Netflix on 15th July, offering subscribers seven episodes of the eight-parter to watch. Interestingly, Netflix seems to entirely skip over episode seven in which Terry and Larry investigate several iconic scenes from westerns ­– testing whether it’s possible to shoot a cowboy hat straight off a bad guy’s head or whether a single shot from a Colt revolver could, in fact, break shackles. Unfortunately, you guys will have to wonder about this episode unless you can find an alternative way of watching it. Continue reading →
  9. The Weird and Wonderful World of Airsoft Clothing

    Airsoft player wearing predator mask. Airsoft outfits…some go casual, while others go all out. In the weird and wonderful world of airsoft, there are some equally weird and wonderful outfits to boot! Continue reading →
  10. A Real-Life Jurassic Park: Would the Dinosaurs be Bullet-Proof?

    *Spoiler alert- this content contains small spoilers of the recent Jurassic Park film: Fallen Kingdom.* T.Rex in woods walks past open tent. Continue reading →

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