As we head toward the end of another year, it’s time to start looking at what 2021 should have in store for us.

We’ve all had a lot of time to think and plan out what we want next year to look like.

In our latest guide, we run through events for airsoft enthusiasts to add to their calendars, not to mention some popular brands to treat yourself to, including G&G and Tokyo Marui. You can check these and more on our website!

Keep an eye out for our gift ideas and if you think we’ve missed anything out, be sure to let us know!

So, without further ado, we start with number one:

Female zombie actress

Ward Off Zombies

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, then this experience was made for you. The zombie experience has taken the world by storm! Why end the experience of killing zombies at a games console, when you can immerse yourself in it with the beauty of airsoft.

In the UK alone, there are several immersive experiences to choose from. Zombie Experience operates in London, Liverpool, Droitwich, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, the West Midlands and Sheffield. You’ll be sure to find one near you and your friends to check out.

They have over ten realistic settings that include the dungeons in York, a factory in Sheffield and a courthouse in Birmingham. It’s a terrifyingly authentic experience to keep you on your toes!

If you and your friends have got what it takes to battle in an apocalyptic world and fend off the infected, then round up your friends and join forces. Just remember, this is not for the faint-hearted!

You won’t be able to bring your own airsoft guns because of health and safety. But don’t worry, you won’t be going in there empty-handed. They’ll get you kitted out and ready for battle with a trusty airsoft gun, not to mention the all-important debrief.

Group of airsoft players

Get Yourself a New Gun or Upgrade Your Kit

We all know and love the feeling of a brand new airsoft gun in all it’s glory. We won’t tell if you treat yourself to a new gun in preparation for the new year.

Make sure you get the right gun when building up your kit. We’ve got a few tips to think about when expanding on your collection.

Take a look at what you already own – what’s missing? Where do your kit’s strengths and weaknesses lie? Or have you been drooling over a certain piece of equipment recently?

When assessing and adding to your kit, check in on your clothing, too! Is it torn, worn or just not cool anymore? Maybe you need better protective gear? Or possibly you just want to add more to your collection.

Whatever your reason, kitting up is one of the ways to improve your game.

If you’re investing in a new gun or set of airsoft accessories, make sure you do your research! Check out airsoft magazines, review sites and videos, and ask your local airsoft retailer about the latest and greatest airsoft guns available!

Selection of airsoft gear

At Surplus Store we have a vast selection available, including:

  • Tokyo Marui's M4 range
  • G&G CM16 ARP9
  • BO Manufacture Mosin Nagant Co2 Airsoft Rifle
  • Nuprol Delta M4 Pioneer Defender
  • and many more!

Our Starter Kits are great if you want to introduce a friend or family member into the community too!

We have everything in store for all your spring, gas and electric needs! Not to mention a hell of a lot of knowledge to boot too!

We’re happy to help advise you on what is best for your requirements; you can always contact us and secure your new airsoft gun today!

A group of airsoft players

The National Airsoft Festival

Because of the sad cancellation this year due to COVID, it’s time to start looking forward toward the NAF in 2021. One of the most celebrated, open and diverse airsoft events in England!

The NAF has been up and running since 2007, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then be sure to clear your calendar for next year! Every year they add more events and activities, so it just keeps getting better and better.

NAF is the ultimate airsoft package, a social festival that is packed with events, activities, prizes, shops, an on-site bar and manufacturers from all over the world! A ticket to this haven would be the ultimate Christmas present!

A tank covered in branches

War and Peace Revival

If you’re into the old school style when it comes to your kit or even just a bit of a history buff then look no further.

This is a five-day military and vintage festival based in Kent. It’s an all-inclusive experience in terms of entertainment and education. The festival brings to life the echo of the Dunkirk Spirit.

They host trade stalls, military vehicles, educational talks and full scale choreographed battle reenactments.

You can choose from a range of different tickets to suit your requirements. They even offer inclusive camping prices to cater to all your needs.

A sniper airsoft player

Try a New Airsoft Role

As we begin a new year, maybe it is time to try something new?

We’re not talking about ‘new year, new me’, but you can always try and mix it up in your gameplay and strategies.

Trying out different tactics and alternative roles can reinvent your game while expanding on your abilities. You might find some hidden talents you’ve been harbouring, or it might just make for an entertaining game.

You can take a look at our role guide if you need some new ideas.

An airsoft player signing to another player

Mix Up Your Gameplay

Being such a diverse and versatile sport, why not try something new next time you’re on the airsoft field?

There is an endless choice of styles in airsoft that can refresh your game. You can always opt for one as a New Year’s special too!

Some ideas worth incorporating to your usual airsoft gameplay can include:

Hostage Rescue
Secret Service
Black Hawk Down
Benedict Arnold
The Escapist

You can always reenact the scenes of your favourite movies too!

Three airsoft players wearing GoPros

Become an Airsoft YouTuber

Depending on what you’re into, this might be a must-have in your bucket list. One thing's for sure, we all love talking about Airsoft! You can go into depth and share your interest in tactics, guns and gameplay with the YouTube community.

It might sound intimidating, but you won’t be needing any top-of-the-line filming equipment! Don’t forget, you’re just talking to people with the same passion!

Most laptops and cameras are equipped with filming capabilities anyway. There’s loads of free software that can easily be installed so you can edit your videos to suit your style.

It’s always worth debating whether to invest in a GoPro or not. Their camera quality is great and you can always attach one on while in the midst of a game! It can lead to some impressive footage that you’ll be dying to edit into your YouTube videos!

Don’t forget to check out the Surplus Store YouTube for our reviews and additions to our store! For some inspiration and ideas, you can check out our blog on the best airsoft YouTubers.

Two airsoft players sniping

Up Your Game

Beginners will find this entry especially helpful!

It can be incredibly daunting to step out on the field if you’re fairly new to the community. Especially considering that airsoft is a sport layered with skill levels, tactics and equipment.

The basic method to improving your game is to research; it’s a tried and tested way that helps to refine your play.

You can find loads of information all over the web dedicated to airsoft, such as magazines, Reddit threads and YouTube videos.

It’s worth remembering that airsoft play isn’t scripted, so don’t feel downbeat if it doesn't go to plan – it’s part of the fun of the game! It's more of a reason to make sure you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves, yourself!

Most of the time, knowledge will make the difference between victory and defeat! Just remember that reading up on tactics and developing these skills in gameplay are two entirely different things. Practice will make perfect, so keep at it!

A knife on some wood

Develop Your Survival Skills

Crafting your survival skills is a great way to find a new hobby or favourite past time. You can easily incorporate it into your lifestyle by touching base with bushcraft techniques and general survival courses.

There are loads of options in the UK and abroad. These courses can range from a day to a couple of weeks; you’ll be immersed in real-life skills!

If you’re interested but in need of some trusty kit, you can check out our Bear Grylls range on our website! We have a great selection of products to get you ready for the wild!

Two airsoft players sitting against a wall

Recruit a Friend into the Community

One of the most rewarding things that you can do which can amplify your gameplay is get a friend involved. Share the sport and community with them! It can be a family member, work colleague or close friend.

Naturally, it’s best to go for someone you’re happy to spend some extra time with! What’s even better is you’ll get to watch them grow their style and skills in the game, too. You might even learn something from them!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2021 bucket list and we hope there’s something in here for you take on!

Thanks for reading our blog and we promise to provide even more exciting airsoft content for you to enjoy! Follow us on social media so you don’t miss a thing.