Best airsoft YouTubers

The world of YouTube has opened up a wealth of opportunity for airsofters, allowing us to share our own battles, successes and occasional fails, and watch other people’s experiences too! The success of YouTube has spawned a plethora of different airsoft content creators, some with higher quality videos than others, and sometimes it’s difficult to pick the wheat from the chaff.

So with this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best airsoft YouTubers based on the quality of their video content, regular uploads and how many viewers and subscribers their channel has. We know this can be a pretty hot topic (and this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list), which is why we’ve picked these YouTubers based on the stats as opposed to our own personal opinions.

Silo Entertainment

We’re starting off with a goliath from the airsoft YouTube community, Silo Entertainment has a whopping 2.6M subscribers (as of December 2018) and continues to grow! The videos mostly focus on gameplay and are shot with good quality action cameras, so they have a consistently high quality.

The channel features a wide range of weapons with the occasional comedy airsoft video. Overall a very good airsoft entertainment channel.

Airsoft player with gun

Airsoft CamMan

This is a UK based channel with regular content uploads of consistently high quality. Though the account only has 42K subscribers, low compared to Silo’s channel, typically you can expect a video a week with detailed commentary and strong gameplay. The channel also has a good back catalogue of videos to keep you entertained for hours at a time!


Starting in 2012, the channel is full of good content, some gameplay, some videos of tips and guides, and some more comedy entertainment videos. They also have in-depth weapon reviews and loadout videos.


Something of a figurehead within the UK airsoft community, certainly with the snipers. Bodgeups no longer posts videos but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out his channel as he has a catalogue of over 150 videos with a combined view total of more than 11M.

Opening the channel in 2013, videos were dedicated to gameplay and the occasional Q&A to answer viewer questions.

Airsoft rifle and camouflage equipment

The Airsoft Unicorn

Host of the channel, Leah Del Castillo, has established a firm fanbase with 138K subscribers to the account and a whopping 11M video views. One of the most regular uploaders on this list, you can expect at least one video per week, sometimes more!

Videos range in length from just a few minutes to more in-depth guides and discussions that can last more than half an hour! A well rounded channel with useful packing guides and professionally recorded gameplay.


Based in Austria, Novritsch is one of the prime airsoft YouTubers, boasting more than 3.4M subscribers and close to 500mil video views. Videos can range from classic airsoft gameplay to videos about the channel’s host and tips and tricks for the game. The channel always features high-quality video and audio and commentary of the gameplay when necessary.

Man wearing camouflage gear for airsoft


Slightly different from the above channels, Airsoftology doesn’t feature as much gameplay. Focussing more on reviews, Q&As, tips, tricks and gun unboxing videos. A well-performing channel with a subscriber count of 185K, this channel seems to feature videos about pretty much every airsoft topic!

Airsoft Mike

If you’re looking for a down to earth YouTuber with good content and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, then this channel is for you. Mostly with a focus on reviewing new and high-quality airsoft products, the channel has racked up a hugely respectable 32mil views overall and continues to thrive. One of the benefits of this channel is getting to see how the guns look and fire, which is exciting in itself.

Dutch The Hooligan

Focusing pretty much solely on gameplay, this channel features slightly less regular uploads than the others mentioned. Most videos have at least 200K views which indicates a high quality of content, with some reaching the 1mil mark or more. Certainly worth watching for the pure entertainment value of the channel.

Sniper in ghillie suit

Surplus Store

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our own channel in here. At Surplus Store, we focus on reviews of weapons and overviews of new weapons that come into the shop. Make sure you drop by and subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all of our videos!

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas of which airsoft YouTubers you should be checking out, and hopefully they can help improve your airsoft game. Remember to check out our range of airsoft rifles to make sure you’re only using the best when you hit the battlefield, and let us know what your favourite YouTubers are on Facebook and Twitter.