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March 2018

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog’s Original Backstory Took Place in WWII

    The original logo and menu screen from Sonic the Hedgehog. [CC by BagoGames (Sonic the Hedgehog game menu screen)] Sonic the Hedgehog is probably one of the most iconic video game characters to have ever existed. The spikey, blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog has been the mascot of Sega since 1991 and is known for his exploits against the evil Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. But his backstory was almost very different, according to game designer Hirokazu Yasuhara and character designer Naoto Oshima. Continue reading →
  2. 7 of the Most Common Airsoft Mistakes made by Beginners

    Airsoft player in camouflage with a sniper airsoft gun. Image credit: elanaiba For those who are just stepping foot into the world of airsoft, it can sometimes be overwhelming as there is so much to learn. However, if you are committed to succeeding in this sport and stepping up your game, there is a lot to learn on your journey. It can be all too easy to dive headfirst into this sport and go crazy buying loads of kit before you even know how to use it. The airsoft community is extremely welcoming all players, and in particular, helping new players to learn the ropes. As there are often a lot of mistakes made by new players, we have taken a look at seven of the most common ones to help those new to the sport: Continue reading →
  3. Military v Monsters: Could They Really Take on the Beasts?

    Godzilla v military in black and white [CC by Bandai Namco (Godzilla B&W)] The “giant monster vs people” genre of films seems to have been a staple of Hollywood over the years, depicting the epic and seemingly futile efforts man has had at trying to keep the beasts at bay with their weaponry. Godzilla is probably the most famous giant monster movie of all time, and over the course of the films, you see a lot of weapons used against the mutated dinosaur, mostly without effect. So, if it were to happen in real life, how should the military react to the scenario in order to give themselves the best chance at winning? We take a look below: Note – there are some minor spoilers in here for some monster films, so proceed at your own risk! Continue reading →
  4. Are You Ready for the UK v USA International Airsoft Event?

    A man in a gasmask aiming an airsoft gun around cover Polish your boots, restock your magazines and give your airsoft guns a clean because there’s a war brewing… Continue reading →
  5. Best Bond Gunfights to Honour Boyle/Bond Duo

    *Warning, this post contains minor spoilers for Skyfall, Goldeneye and You Only Live Twice, so continue at your own risk* James Bond shootout. Continue reading →
  6. The Forgotten Gunslingers Throughout History

    Cowboy in town with horse. Howdy partner- welcome to our countdown of the greatest gunslingers to ever grace history. Join us as we find out the fascinating stories of some of the craziest cowboys, outlaws and gunslingers that unfortunately didn’t get their own movie or song- although, they should have! So, get your airsoft pistols at the ready, practise your draw, and we’ll take you back to the Wild Wild West with some of these badass stories. Continue reading →
  7. U.S. Army Working on “Extra Arm” for Heavy Gunners like the Movie "Aliens"

    The mounted gun as seen in the film Aliens. It seems to be a regular occurrence that the United States Army borrow from science fiction to create new equipment, and recent reports are no different! They are now looking into a way of allowing their soldiers to carry heavy weapons attached to a mount, much in the way the guns are carried in one of the Alien movies. Continue reading →
  8. Movie Marathon: Awesome Films that Feature Airsoft Guns

    A reel of film. It’s not a far stretch to say that our fascination with warfare stems from the film industry and those epic scenes in all the movies that we love and enjoy, over and over again. And some of you eagle-eyed watchers out there may have already realised that airsoft guns are used as props in a lot of your favourite films. Continue reading →
  9. The Best UK Airsoft Sites in Wales

    Player kitted out with airsoft guns. As airsoft grows in popularity, the arenas and sites to perfect your skill do as well. Over the years, airsoft arenas have been trying a unique take on the sport by integrating props to give a sense of realism to the game, which can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. Whether you feel like you are an experienced player, or are just starting out, there are loads of places throughout the UK to perfect your skill. We have taken a look at some of the very best airsoft sites which can be found in Wales. Continue reading →

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