A man in a gasmask aiming an airsoft gun around cover

Polish your boots, restock your magazines and give your airsoft guns a clean because there’s a war brewing…

This May (2018) will see the first year of the UK v USA airsoft event, which is being hosted by our friends at Dog Tag Airsoft from 25-28 May. The aim is to make this the airsoft festival event of the year, and we have no doubts that it will be!

The idea of the event is to bring like-minded people from around the globe together to enjoy an action-packed long weekend of airsoft activities, alternating between sites in the UK and those in the United States.

But it is more than just that; it is about bringing together a community and just having an all-round great time! The guys planning the event have even described the perfect blend of a day of airsoft to be “60% social and 40% airsoft”.

So, how did it all come about and what’s involved?

What initially started as an idea merely discussed as a possibility in a Facebook group eventually grew into the festival that you will see in May. According to the UK v USA website, the phones didn’t stop with people absolutely loving the idea of an international airsoft meet-up!

Alongside getting people together to have a great time, the founders are ensuring that they use some of their money raised for great causes; by donating funds to three armed forces and veteran’s charities.

Apart from the airsoft, there will be a range of other activities which will help to create and maintain the party/festival atmosphere that the creators are looking to achieve.

There will also be a range of stalls and exhibits for you to browse across the weekend. You will be able to visit stalls containing clothing, outdoor wear, and of course, ourselves, as we will be there for the entirety of the Bank Holiday weekend! Make sure you pop over and say hello should you be attending the festival. We’re going to be packing ourselves up with everything we can possibly carry, so if you have need it for the festival or have left something at home, chances are we’ll have it!

This is just an outline of what is going to happen across the weekend, but make sure you check out the UK v USA website for a full itinerary and more details about the event as and when they are confirmed.