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  1. 6 Backpack Essentials for Airsoft

    6 Backpack Essentials for Airsoft
    Being prepared for a great airsoft game means knowing what to pack in your backpack, and not just knowing how to shoot. We discuss the backpack essentials that can help ensure your victory!
  2. Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact

    Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact
    Like with any game that features some kind of weapon, many worry that playing airsoft can be painful. How painful is airsoft in reality, and how can you reduce pain and impact from BBs?
  3. Airsoft Legs, Feet and Groin Protection

    Man wearing knee pads playing airsoft BBs fired from airsoft guns can bruise your skin, particularly when playing close quarter combat, protective gear means you won’t be leaving a skirmish in much pain and if you play outside a little protection from other hazards goes a long way! In previous articles, we have looked at the ideal protective equipment for face and head, eyes and your upper body. Here we are looking at the best protective clothing for the lower half of your body. Continue reading →
  4. What to Bring to an Airsoft Game Day

    Airsoft rifle and camouflage equipment In addition to your airsoft guns, both primary and secondary weapons and tactical gear, there are a few other essentials you always need to bring to an airsoft game to ensure you will be playing the best you can and have a good time with your fellow airsoft players. Continue reading →
  5. Cold Weather Airsoft Clothing

    Man wearing camouflage gear for airsoft Airsoft is an activity which can be done all year round, though it is made much more fun if you have the right clothes. Though playing in the cold weather is not for everyone, you’ll find that as soon as you are out there, you’ll soon warm up and feel comfortable. Make sure you have the correct kit and read below to see our suggestions on the clothes you should have to keep you warm. Continue reading →
  6. A Journey Into the World of Camouflage

    Statue of Boudica You can step back in time and see legendary war heroes like Boudica depicted by artists as wearing brightly coloured, flowing gowns. Not exactly the kind of kit you’d expect a real soldier to wear – although there are also renditions of her wearing armour as she went into battle riding her horse-drawn chariot. The queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe led an uprising against occupying Roman Empire forces in AD 60 or 61, and although reputedly something of a mean dame, she didn’t die in battle but – supposedly – from poisoning herself. Continue reading →
  7. How Military Camouflage Has Evolved Over Time: Part Two

    Soldiers wearing CADPAT camo Continuing from the first part of our camouflage history, we have looked at some of the modern variations. The modern designs tend to have one big difference from their predecessors, which is the inclusion of computer programs to create the patterns, whereas older designs were often created from hand-drawn designs. Here are some examples of modern camouflage designs:  Continue reading →
  8. How Military Camouflage Has Evolved Over Time: Part One

    Military camouflage clothing has evolved a lot over the years, from variations that are designed to make you blend in with the natural environment to those that were intended to distract. With this in mind, this is the first of two parts looking at how military camouflage has evolved throughout history: Continue reading →
  9. Airsoft Guide: How to Survive a Winter Skirmish

    Winter airsofters dressed up warm for skirmish in the snow For many of us, winter seems like the best time to wrap up warm inside, stuff ourselves full of comfort food and wait for March to come around when it starts to warm up a bit. But for other, more dedicated individuals, winter is a perfect time for airsoft skirmishes. The conditions offer a new challenge and atmosphere that isn’t experienced at any other time of the year. With this in mind, we have looked at some tips on how to operate at peak condition despite the chill in the air: Continue reading →
  10. Kit Yourself Out Head-to-Toe in Viper Tactical Clothing at Surplus Store

    Viper Tactical has been involved in the military and outdoor markets for over ten years, so when it comes to making clothing that can face up to the elements, these guys know what they are doing! Here at Surplus Store, we are a Gold Stockist of Viper Tactical clothing meaning we can kit you out head-to-toe in the finest wares. Here is just a selection of what we have to offer (links to products in the subtitles): Continue reading →

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