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February 2017

  1. The Guns of John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick holding a rifle, a step up from the air gun Possibly one of the best action flicks in recent years, ‘John Wick’ follows Keanu Reeves as the world’s greatest assassin, taking headshots at multiple bad guys within the space of 90 minutes. And after the huge success and popularity, its sequel ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ has hit cinemas, and has just as much fantastic action sequences and even more death by headshot courtesy of John Wick. Continue reading →
  2. Get to grips with the KWC air pistols in Surplus Store

    KWC air pistol available at Surplus Store Surplus Store now has a fantastic range of KWC air pistols, including Co2 and blow back pistols. One of leading manufacturers in air pistols and BB guns, KWC continue to deliver great quality air pistols that are great fun to shoot. Continue reading →
  3. The history of the CIA’s silenced pistol

    Gary Powers & Kelly Johnson in 1966 They might not work exactly as they do in the films, but silencers, or suppressors as they are also known, do a job of making gunfire quieter. For this reason, silenced variations of guns are preferred by many organisations, including the CIA. The suppressed pistol was issued to intelligence operatives as far back as World War II, but the story of the CIA’s pistol of choice begins on the 1st May 1960. Continue reading →
  4. Army names top 10 modernisation efforts of 2016

    U.S. Army soldiers standing next to a helicopter The U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) has previously been summarised as an organisation to design, develop, and build the Army. Part of these efforts look at ways things can change within the Army to make the lives of the soldiers much easier. Their top 10 efforts of 2016 have been released, which we have looked at below: Continue reading →
  5. Badass British military machines

    army soldiers using rifles British manufacturers have, for many years, designed some of the best and badass kits for the army, making some of the best weaponry and machinery seen in the world. Though the soldier themselves is the best kit, what they carry with them has to be the best of the best. Continue reading →

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