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December 2016

  1. Could you really survive the booby-traps in Home Alone?

    Macaulay Culkin as he appears in Home Alone Home Alone is probably one of the most famous Christmas films out there, where due to a mishap, a young boy finds himself (who’d have guessed it?!) home alone over Christmas. Continue reading →
  2. 6 survival tips for last minute Christmas shopping

    A busy shopping centre where our survival tips will come in handy We’ve offered you some survival guides in the past, but none of them will compare to this one; how to survive the extremes of last minute Christmas shopping. Continue reading →
  3. Someone has made a working version of Batman’s grappling gun, and it’s awesome

    Batman from the 1960s in a boxing ring Batman’s utility belt plays a vital role in taking down whichever enemy he is fighting, and he always seems to have just the tool for the job (anyone remember the ‘Shark Repellent Bat Spray from the 60s?!), but one of his more staple gadgets has been the grappling gun since it first appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman. Continue reading →
  4. U.S. Army to produce wireless thermal sights

    Thermal image of visually obscured room Always at the forefront of innovation, the U.S. Army will soon begin to produce wireless thermal weapons sights that connect to a soldier’s helmet display. Continue reading →
  5. Best party trick ever? Man opens beer bottles with an air rifle

    A beer bottle lid being shot off using an air rifle Some rather impressive footage has emerged from China recently, showing arguably one of the best party tricks we’ve ever seen – a man opening beer bottles using an air rifle! Continue reading →
  6. Pleasure Island set to host major airsoft event

    Pleasure Island entrance, soon to play host to a major airsoft event After whispers of will it, won’t it, it has finally been confirmed that Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes is set to play host to a major airsoft event. Continue reading →
  7. Have you ever heard the story of Nikola Tesla’s “Death Ray”?

    Nikola Tesla in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, around 1899 Nikola Tesla is probably best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, as well as being your traditional “mad scientist”. But did you know Tesla also worked on a “Death Ray” in the 1930’s? Continue reading →

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