Macaulay Culkin as he appears in Home Alone

Home Alone is probably one of the most famous Christmas films out there, where due to a mishap, a young boy finds himself (who’d have guessed it?!) home alone over Christmas.

During his time alone, two criminals decide to try and rob the house the young Kevin McCallister is in, only for the young lad to have kitted out his home with a series of booby-traps and his trusty Red Ryder BB gun to defend his property.

Of course, hilarity ensues and the burglars end up running away, tails between their legs and empty handed. But if it were to happen in real life, would the would-be criminals escape as unscathed as they do in the film?

For example, you probably remember when Joe Pesci’s character gets his head lit on fire with a blow torch for quite a long period of time? Do you know what would happen to a human head if that happened?

Well, one man used chicken skin, a polystyrene head and a beanie to find out… And the fact of the matter is, the head gets trashed! In less than a second, you’d have a third-degree burn and in two to three seconds, the skin is burnt all the way through; although your trusty skull would protect you for a while so you won’t die straight away... Every cloud!

The same video looks at things from other films such as how much force a 95mph snowball has on the human body (from Elf), as well as what happens to the eye when it meets a BB gun (A Christmas Story). As Tech Dan always says, wear eye protection kids!

You can see that video below:

As for a deeper look into what the Home Alone traps would do to you, the video below takes it one step further. For example, getting a can of paint swung into your head would be like getting chinned by Mike Tyson twice at once (and a 42% chance of your skull cracking), heating a door knob from the inside wouldn’t make the outside one particularly hot, and why trying to kill a tarantula crawling on a man’s chest with a crowbar is always a bad idea…

Watch the second video below, and have yourselves a Merry Christmas!

Photo courtesy of s_herman on Flickr, under Creative Commons