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February 2018

  1. Russia Unveil Insane "Future Soldier" Equipment

    An artist's impression of what a futuristic soldier may look like In something that looks like it has been ripped straight from the pages of a sci-fi novel, the Russian defence industry has unveiled their plans for some new kit… and it looks seriously impressive. We often spot military gear in the news that makes us think “that would make some seriously impressive airsoft gear”, and this is no different! Continue reading →
  2. Three Examples of Real-Life Death Stars

    The Death Star from Star Wars floating above a cityscape The Death Star is arguably one of the most recognisable structures from science fiction. The heavily armoured, heavily armed space station had the destructive power to turn entire planets to rubble (a moment’s silence for Alderaan…) while acting as a military base from which the Galactic Empire could launch their assaults. While it is a mere fictional pipe dream, it hasn’t stopped some very serious military minds from developing their very own, very real armed space stations. Continue reading →
  3. New Smartphone Adapter Allows Everyone to See What You See

    Crosshairs when looking down a rifle scope. Have you ever taken such a glorious shot that you wish you had it on film to watch over and over again? Perhaps you’ve finally struck that target from 200 yards or pulled off your most impressive airsoft sniper headshot to date; but who’s going to believe you?! Continue reading →
  4. Unusual Historical Guns: The M3 Infrared Sniper Carbine

    An M3 Carine system complete with battery pack and ammunition pouch. We love looking at unusual historical guns here at Surplus Store, and the one we recently stumbled across grabbed our fancy. The gun in question is from the US Army and is an example of the first night vision system used in active combat, known as the M3 Carbine. Continue reading →
  5. Historical Accuracy is Key for Croatian Airsoft Club

    A WWII soldier in a forest There are airsoft clubs right around the world who like to engage in historical re-enactments, wearing authentic military uniforms and wielding the most accurate airsoft guns that they can lay their hands on. But we think we may have found one such club in Croatia who takes it to a whole other level! Mutila, an airsoft club based in Medulin, is dedicated to World War II re-enactments. While airsoft is still very much at the core of their meetups, Mutila takes things to the next level with their recreations of actual historical events, re-enacting battles and moments of WWII history with an excellent degree of historical accuracy. Continue reading →

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