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August 2016

  1. Cosplay Batsuit loaded with gadgets wins Guinness World Records

    Batman from Arkham Origins inspired cosplay suit with functioning grappling air gun There’s pretty much a world record for anything nowadays, and a man from Ireland has managed to bag himself the record for the most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit – Batman’s suit in fact! Continue reading →
  2. Running Deer Shooting used to be an Olympic event

    Shooting at the 1908 Olympics, before high tech air rifle events The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have drawn to a close, and we’ll have to wait four more years until the next games, taking place in Japan. Whilst many of you will be looking forward to these events, we have actually been looking into the past and at a rather odd Olympic event which is sadly no more: Running Deer Shooting. Continue reading →
  3. Scientists are developing anti-mistletoe air gun

    Mistletoe in a tree, which is to be controlled by new, special air gun Most of us would associate mistletoe with Christmas, with it being used in decoration and a place under which two people who share a cheeky peck. However, in the wild, mistletoe is a bloomin’ pain (pardon the pun)! It is actually a parasitic group of plants which grows in shrubs and trees, where it burrows deep into their branches to absorb water and nutrients. Continue reading →
  4. Ministry of Defence funding could see ground-breaking technologies used by British Army

    Military personnel could soon benefit from advancements in technology  The use of Dragonfly drones and virtual reality helmets could soon be used by the British Army, if contractors are able to secure funding from the Ministry of Defence. There’s £800m of funding now available to help develop more examples of futuristic technology, but companies will have to pitch their equipment to a panel for the chance to earn funding and create equipment to support defence and security forces. Continue reading →
  5. Seven handy uses for blackberries in the wilderness

    Blackberries on branch – keep your survival knife handy and they could help you in a tight spot. You’ve probably seen them lining a hedgerow near you, so you’ll know the blackberries are back in force. These tasty little morsels are perfect for popping in your mouth on the walk home from work, but they can be used for more than just a snack if times get tough… Continue reading →
  6. The first Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal has been won, and it’s for shooting

    Rio 2016 logo – Team USA clinch gold at air rifle event The Olympic Games in Rio kicked off in style this weekend, and we already have the first gold medal of the event, with gold going to the USA in the 10 metre air rifle event. Continue reading →
  7. Strengthen your shooting arm for better accuracy

    Strengthen your shooting arm for more accurate shooting of air rifles When it comes to shooting, whether its airsoft guns, air rifles, air pistols, BB guns etc. it is important to have a strong shooting arm, particularly if you have a long day ahead of you. Fatigue in your shooting arm may mean that your accuracy will suffer the longer the day goes on, so if you learn to strengthen your arm, you can continue to handle your weapon effectively. Continue reading →

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