Strengthen your shooting arm for more accurate shooting of air rifles When it comes to shooting, whether its airsoft guns, air rifles, air pistols, BB guns etc. it is important to have a strong shooting arm, particularly if you have a long day ahead of you. Fatigue in your shooting arm may mean that your accuracy will suffer the longer the day goes on, so if you learn to strengthen your arm, you can continue to handle your weapon effectively. By performing some simple strengthening exercises, it can help you to carry on shooting straighter, for longer. It can also help those who are injured to build up their arm again and get back to full strength. Training regime The simplest way to train takes just five minutes a day and can be done using a very common household item – a bag of sugar. Using the bag of sugar, or something of similar weight, you should ‘mount’ the weight into your shoulder – tucking in into shoulder like you would the butt of a gun. After mounting it, you then extend the weight out in front you, and repeat. Over time, this should strengthen your arm and allow you to hold the firearm in place more comfortably for extended periods of time. This may sound excessive, but some of these airsoft RIFs are bloomin’ heavy, as are some of the higher end air rifles, so doing this can help you hold it in place for longer. Other exercises As well as strengthening your shooting arm, there are some other simple exercises you can try which will work other muscles that are important for shooting and endurance throughout the day. Obviously, for long airsoft skirmishes, cardio is pretty important, but this can be improved by just attending skirmishes over weeks and months. Alternatively, you can go for medium length runs, cycle or swim to help improve your stamina. Your shoulders are quite important, and to improve the endurance in these, hold equal weights in each hand atop your shoulders. Plant your feet about shoulder width apart and lift the weights directly upwards for an overhead extension, before lowering them back to the start position. With this exercise, using lighter weights and performing more reps helps to build your endurance, whilst heavier weights and lower reps helps to build strength. A great way to work out both your chest and arms is to do press ups. This also helps to improve your core strength which is good for overall mobility and shooting accuracy. For the best results, keep your hands around six inches apart, and you can even ramp things up further by having some weight on your back. These are just a few exercises which can help improve the key muscle groups to aid your shooting. When you come to perform these exercises, try not to overdo things and take it at your own pace. We’re not saying they will necessary make you an expert marksman, but they can help contribute towards more accurate shooting, which is never a bad thing right?!