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May 2017

  1. Helle Knives Should be Added to Your Survival Kit

    Helle survival knife, available from Surplus Store. Having a knife with you when out in the bush can assist you with so many things, and help with your overall survival. Surplus Store stock a range of Helle knives; hand-crafted Norwegian knives which can be as versatile as you need them to be. Continue reading →
  2. The Reality of Pirate Weapons

    Flintlock pistol, a favoured weapon of 18th-century pirates Piracy is as old as sailing the seas itself, and it is far from the charming, romanticised adventures we see on the silver screen. Pirate life was nasty, brutal and often short, and the word ‘parley’ probably rarely featured in a pirate’s vocabulary. Continue reading →
  3. Luck of the Irish: WWII Hero Who Took Out German Tank by Ramming It

    Sherman tank used to ram German King Tiger Most of us have been in the situation where we are firing off our airsoft guns mid-skirmish and have run out of ammo, or our weapon has become jammed. What do we do next? Reach for our sidearm of course! But what happens where this situation occurs, and there isn’t a sidearm to rely on? You use your initiative, as Sir John Gorman did in July 1944, with an insane plan which actually worked out rather well! Continue reading →
  4. The truth about Old West gunfights

    Cowboy shootout in The Searchers Hollywood movies are well-known for embellishing the truth, carrying us away from our mundane lives into the world of magical make-belief where anything can happen. Which is fine. But then movies do another kind of cinematic exaggeration, and distort the actual events and real-life happenings for the sake of ‘entertainment’. Continue reading →
  5. Tales of heroism, courage and friendship from the Harlem Hellfighters

    The Harlem Hellfighters returning to America following the war This year marks the centennial of the entrance of the United States into World War I; a war that would change war forever. There are countless stories of incredible feats of heroism and unbelievable hardship, and many of them involve the 369th Infantry Regiment. The 369th was the first black American infantry regiment to fight in World War I and they spent more time under fire and in the trenches (191 days in total) that any other United States unit. A National Guard regiment, the 369th were recruited from New York City in large numbers and soon became known for their fearlessness and battlefield prowess, which led the German soldiers to give them a nickname; the Harlem Hellfighters. Continue reading →
  6. The coolest air pistol videos from The Slow Mo Guys

    air pistol being shot and filmed in slow motion Shooting an air pistol can look cool, but we all know that everything looks better in slow motion, and popular YouTubers do just that. The Slow Mo Guys, made up of Gav and Dan, have hundreds of videos on their channel doing things in slow motion, such as exploding paint, a football to the face and blowing up giant water balloons. They also use air pistols in various videos, such as a recent air pistol vs. candle. Continue reading →

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