AGM, also known by its longer name Airsoft Gun Manufacturer, is a well known airsoft company that can provide something for everyone, especially those after something a bit alternative!

AGM excel at creating replica guns that are sure to excite collectors and specialise in AEG designs.

Here at Surplus Store, we stock some of their most sought-after AEG airsoft gun designs. In this blog, we look at the top features of our AGM range's best models.

Our AGM collection is just the start of our extensive airsoft repertoire! We have a vast range of high-quality airsoft products, ranging from airsoft guns, UK approved two-tone BB rifles, ammunition and not forgetting all the protective gear you need to keep you safe on the skirmish field! Take a browse of our online store to find out more.

About AGM

AGM is a Chinese airsoft brand and growing in its reputability within the airsoft world, with many of their models are finished with metal receivers. Their unique models make AGM stand out from the crowd because they tend to make guns that no other companies make.

In terms of performance, their reputation may not match the same standard as their unique designs. The final products can have a relatively low-quality control level, and many products may require some extra TLC and upgrades before they perform at their best.

However, overall, AGM airsoft guns are incredible value for money, with each model coming complete with a battery and charger, meaning you can put it to use almost immediately.

Popular Products

Recognised for their practicality as well as incredible attention to detail, we take a look at some of our favourite AGM models available on our online store.

AGM-007 Bakerlite


This incredible replica is modelled on the MP40 automatic weapon - a famous gun recognised for its usage during World War Two. The unique design appeals to a wide range of airsoft lovers due to the accuracy of smaller details such as its hooded front iron sight.

The vintage-looking design is significantly enhanced in the Bakelite version, which is beautifully finished with a brown polymer furniture that featured in the actual art-deco Bakelite plastic from the 1930s.

Not only is it charming to look at, but this Second World War replica is also efficient to use. AGM have created their AEG airsoft model with a semi and full auto firing mode, offering 320fps power.

Durable in its design, it is created by both plastic and metal stock.



A full metal construction, this AGM model is another Second World War replica that is sure to allure dedicated collectors who are after something a bit different.

With full metal, it feels authentic to hold, which adds to this AGM model's charisma, not to mention being extremely reliable in performance at 320fps.

It is one of our most unique models and is unequalled by other AEG guns.



If you are looking to complete your collection of Second World War small arms, the AGM MP44 replica will no doubt spark an interest!

The original MP44s were provided to German soldiers to combat the massive number of Soviet troops in Russia.

Developed as a consistent and robust firing weapon, the AGM replica is complete with a high magazine capacity of roughly 500 round magazine and an inbuilt V2 metal gearbox for consistency.

With a focus on the unique and exciting, we know that whichever AGM airsoft gun you choose, you will be proud to own it. Want to learn more about the products we stock? Why not get in touch with us, and one of our expert team members can answer all your burning questions!