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  1. U.S. Army is Buying Pepper Spray Paintball Guns

    A person firing a paintball gun. The U.S. Army is buying paintball guns that are designed for shooting pepper spray-filled paintballs as a form of non-lethal deterrent; it has been announced. The guns are said to give U.S. forces in Afghanistan the chance to disable potential threats without shooting them with live ammunition. The balls will explode on contact and create a cloud of pepper spray, incapacitating enemy personnel. Continue reading →
  2. Dude Perfect release impossible paintball trick shot video

    Dude Perfect paintball trick shot video, paintball accessories & bb guns for sale at Surplus Store Crawley Dude Perfect continue to demonstrate their unbelievable skills yet again, this time with a paintball trick shot video that will blow your mind! Their video has been released to coincide with the release of the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation film, hence the inclusion of impossible in the title. Continue reading →
  3. 10,000 applicants for job as human paintball pain tester

    10,000 applicants for job as human paintball pain tester
    Prince Charles UK Paintball Online Store Tester Human Impact Pain Skirmish Sites Applicant Applications Jobs Job | Salary Crash Test Dummy Advert Viral Popular Paint Supplies Gas Powered | Surplus Store Airsoft & BB Gun Online Store Shop UK More than 10,000 people have applied for a job as a crash test dummy for paintballs in return for a £40,000 salary – but would you do the job? That’s what we’re wondering after hearing the news that a paintball site operator has advertised the job and received a huge response. The news has hit the headlines in the past week, after UKPaintball advertised the position at the start of the year. The job offers applicants a healthy salary in return for standing in the way of paintballs travelling at high velocity in order to provide a rating for the pain they deliver to those hit by them. Continue reading →

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