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More than 10,000 people have applied for a job as a crash test dummy for paintballs in return for a £40,000 salary – but would you do the job?

That’s what we’re wondering after hearing the news that a paintball site operator has advertised the job and received a huge response.

The news has hit the headlines in the past week, after UKPaintball advertised the position at the start of the year. The job offers applicants a healthy salary in return for standing in the way of paintballs travelling at high velocity in order to provide a rating for the pain they deliver to those hit by them.

After just over a week more than 10,000 people from all over the world have applied for the job as a Human Bullet Impact Tester.

A spokesman for UKPaintball runs 60 sites across the UK – including four near our online paintball store headquarters in Crawley – and a spokesman said they had been overwhelmed by the response to the advert.

They said: “The response has been incredible and we really didn’t expect it.

“Who would have thought so many people would want to get shot at for a living?”

The spokesman added that the company is considering an X-Factor style auditions process to decide who gets the job. If that’s a route they decide to go down then it may be something worth filming, as many of the candidates sound “interesting”.

One boasted on their application and CV that they could “break a watermelon with their head”, while another hoped the fact he was fat would help his application, as he’d be “easier to aim at”.