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March 2017

  1. What is a bullpup rifle?

    Daystate Pulsar air rifle available from Surplus Store You may have come across the term ‘bullpup’ through your search for a new air rifle or airsoft rifle. In fact, we have many bullpup rifles for sale in our store, including the excellent Daystate Pulsar air rifle; but what does the term mean? We have looked at it in some more detail below: Continue reading →
  2. The story of Simo Häyhä: The White Death

    Simo Häyhä, the man they called ‘The White Death’ When asked how he became such a good shot, Finnish soldier Simo Häyhä uttered the words that any marksman, be it air rifles, airsoft guns or live ammo shooters should live by: “Practice.” Continue reading →
  3. The essentials for survival – according to experts

    A survival knife is just one of the essentials help you in the wild When you head off the grid, it is always important to have the right equipment, so you are fully prepared, whether it’s your best air rifle or hunting knife. But always be sure you have the essentials, as they can help you out when it’s a matter of life and death – not that it should ever come to that. Continue reading →
  4. BuzzFeed attempt to re-enact ‘John Wick’ viral training video

    Keanu Reeves training for John Wick: Chapter 2 You may remember around this time last year; a video went viral showing the ageless Keanu Reeves in training for his role in John Wick: Chapter 2. The video showed Keanu on the gun range, nailing some pretty impressive shots with three different weapons. Continue reading →
  5. Choosing the right air gun

     Co2 air gun Investing in the right air gun is what can help you fall in love with the sport of air gunning. You can be forgiven for thinking there are only two types; spring piston or precharged pneumatic, as the argument of which of these two is better tends to overshadow the other types. These two are the most popular with many air gunners, but we are here to shed light on the other types too. Continue reading →
  6. Introducing RAMBO: The US Army’s new 3D-printed grenade launcher

    John Rambo pulling an arrow from a quiver There was a time where everyone was having a go at 3D-printing guns and models of their favourite fictional weapon, and we have previously covered examples of people 3D-printing airsoft guns in our blog. But now, the US Army have stepped things up a gear… Continue reading →
  7. Top tips for maintaining your air rifle

    cleaning your Daystate air rifle When you invest in an air rifle, you will also want it to last. Keeping your air rifle in a good condition is the way to do it, and regular maintenance not only helps with their aesthetic but also with their performance. Continue reading →
  8. New Japanese-made ballistic helmet from Devtac unveiled, and it looks amazing!

    Devtac helmet Ronin II helmet It looks like it has been ripped straight from the comic books, but this new military helmet, designed to give special tactics units and special operations more protection is very much real and packed with a lot of nifty features! Dubbed Ronin II, the helmet has been created by Japan’s Devtac, alongside the Trust International Group, and is said to offer more protection and greater flexibility than current headgear. Continue reading →

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