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April 2017

  1. Have a blast from the past with the new Umarex Legends Co2 pistols

    Umarex Legends German MP40 Legacy Edition New in at the Surplus Store are the Umarex Legends German MP40, and you can choose from the Legacy Edition or black. These Co2 powered air pistols have an impressive blowback effect, and their sound is truly remarkable. These pistols are definitely a must-have for any air gun enthusiasts. Continue reading →
  2. Russia has built a dual-wielding Glock robot

    Terminator from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines He’s not quite the same polished cyborg you’ve seen in the Terminator, but FEDOR the Russian robot is pretty handy with a pair of Glocks… Continue reading →
  3. Fun facts about guns in pop culture

    guns in pop culture For many years, since Western films launched into popularity in Hollywood, guns have become an intrinsic part of cinema and pop culture as a whole. Whether you are a fan of the simple air gun or love the ridiculous machine guns seen in The Expendables franchise, you have to admit; guns add an element of fun to the silver screen. Continue reading →
  4. According to experts, this is how you can survive the next big pandemic

    A man in a gas mask Experts have stated that it’s not a matter of if, but when a global scale pandemic hits humanity; and we are apparently very unprepared for when it does. Continue reading →
  5. The Daystate Pulsar is the next air rifle to buy

    Daystate Pulsar air rifle The 177 Daystate Pulsar black synthetic PCP bullpup air rifle has been built on a decade of electronic airgun success. With its unique ergonomics and computer-controlled sophisticated motherboard and software, the Pulsar is a revolutionary and the pinnacle of a modern airgun. Continue reading →

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